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Painting with Kids - An Everyday Story

This Week - A weekly photo journal from An Everyday StoryThis week… 

This week we didn’t get to spend a lot of time at home. Jack had some therapy appointments this week which took up a lot of our time. We only had one morning at home. It was a tiring week for all of us.

Then over the weekend, my happy joyful children succumbed to a nasty stomach bug. My husband and I spent Saturday night changing, washing and drying sheets and comforting two very sick little ones.

So just one photo for you this week. The end of the day. While our days are far from perfect – I don’t always feel like I have things together – when Jack and Sarah finish a day looking like this; wet, grubby and covered in paint, I know it has been a good one.

Painting with Kids - An Everyday Story


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This Week | A Photographic Journal with…

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8 Replies to “This Week… | A Photo Journal of a Child-led Homeschool”

  1. You are a wonderful inspiration, beautiful in every way! Such lucky little ones, the world is better because of you, your words teach us to find love everywhere.
    Thank you for sharing and caring.

  2. This just makes me smile! It’s wonderful you embrace this because I know many people (myself included) who hyperventilate a little bit when kids get so messy! I have to fight my reactions every time when I see my boys having fun and making a grubby mess.
    Sorry to hear the littles were sick! I hope you can all get the rest you need and look forward to a new, fresh week!

  3. One of my favourite sights!
    I hope they’re feeling better soon xx

  4. This photo is all you need – happy messy kids, I love it 🙂

  5. Hi Kate,

    Its Tamra from sport. After talking with some of the ladies at sport this week I finally worked out why I thought i’d met you before…. I had been told about your blog by an aquaintance some time ago.
    We had that stomach bug too. My hubby came back from the USA and has been sick ever since, nasty. I hope the kids are feeling better. Aaron asked where the boy with the nice curly hair was…. The kids found some great creatures to explore after sport on Monday. Nice….. They were all so engrossed, including the young toddlers…. Hope to see you next week. No need to respond just know we understand completely

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