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This week in our child-led homeschool…

This week we spent a lot of time at home. After the kids were so sick with the stomach flu, we decided to keep them home from their regular activities so as not to share the joy of this nasty bug.

It was honestly really lovely having the week at home. It really made me realise just how much time we spend driving to different places and how many activities Jack (5.5 yrs) and Sarah (3.5 yrs) take part in. After having a blissfully slow week at home, I am definitely looking at the value of each of these activities more carefully and trying to find more time to be at home.

Here’s a little more of what we got up to this week.

Fairy Party - An Everyday Story Pearlie in the Park Birthday Party - An Everyday StoryJust before the kids got sick, Sarah got to go to her first fairy party. She was so very excited about this party.

I had to go and buy her a fairy costume (the poor child didn’t have one! I know! What’s with that?!) And in true Sarah style, the dress was covered from top to toe in glitter, paint and dirt by the end of the party 🙂 …. I am not sure how other children manage to stay so clean… 

It all came out in the wash though and she has been wearing it pretty much everyday since.

Quantifying Activities for Children - An Everyday StoryLots of work around numbers this week. Sarah is particularly keen to learn and so I have been setting up some activities for them most days. Here she is counting out Spielgaben dots.

It was a little tricky for her to balance the dots on the sticks but she enjoyed the challenge. Here’s a little video of her workingLearning to Read Numbers - An Everyday StoryHere Sarah is working on reading the numbers independently and placing them in order. She’s just about got it 🙂Math Activities with Spielgaben - An Everyday Story

Learning Multiplication with Spielgaben - An Everyday Story

Jack and Sarah have both been including really big made-up numbers in their imaginary games lately. They’ll say things like, ‘we need to travel 5 million and 23 hundred and 61 thousand and six kilometres to the city.’ 

Since the interest is there, I thought we would work on how to create numbers. This week I introduced Jack to the concept of Tens and Ones; three Tens in thirty, five Tens in fifty… with the idea that we’ll work towards creating bigger numbers.

Tens and Ones Activities for Kindergarten - An Everyday StoryWith this exploration, I used our Spielgaben sticks to represent Tens and Ones (with the same colour as the number cards). Jack used the sticks to represent the number… two Tens are twenty, three Ones are three, together they make 23. Here’s a short video of Jack working.Small World Activities - An Everyday Story

This week I switched out the pink rice and added a nice cool water bin for the kids to explore on these warm days.

This one has green and blue water beads, some shells, pumice-stone and coral reef figurines. Jack soon added some frogs. I caught him singing this really delightful song which he made up 🙂Reading Activities for Kindergarten - An Everyday StoryJack has a little difficulty reading capital letters so I set out this activity using old Scrabble letters I got from a thrift store. He can spell these words fairly easily so it gave him a chance to focus on reading the capital letters. Montessori Sandpaper Letters - An Everyday StorySarah is keen to master her own name. Montessori Moveable Alphabet Activities - An Everyday StoryHere Jack is working on placing letters on a line correctly. He’ll often write y,p,g,q above the line. I thought these simple pieces of string would help him to place the letter below the line. And don’t you just love the words he chose to write?! 🙂
Plan Toys Doll House - An Everyday StorySarah’s little daredevil people 😀 This little scene made me giggle.
Quantifying with Spielgaben - An Everyday Story Number Sense Activities with Spielgaben - An Everyday StoryHere’s another simple activity I set out for Sarah this week to practise numbers. This time she is counting out Spielgaben dots into the circles from one to ten.
Kitchen Garden - An Everyday StoryOur first blueberries of the season from the kitchen gardenChildren Cooking in the Kitchen - An Everyday StoryMy little helper in the kitchen. She is so capable and confident in the kitchen. Here she is helping me make a yummy apple crumble for dessert.Learning to Read Activities - An Everyday StoryThis activity was Jack’s idea. ‘Mummy you write something and I will draw it, ok?’ So I wrote out about ten or so cards and he happily drew each picture. <3Learning about Animals - An Everyday StoryHave you been collecting the animal cards again from Woolies? Sarah is really enjoying them. Advent Activities for Kids - An Everyday StoryAnd of course, the Advent calendar tree! Today we filled the calendar with treats and activity cards. Tomorrow we set up the tree. Throughout December, Jack and Sarah will be making gifts and cards for family and friends, baking Christmas treats, learning some carols, buying gifts for those less fortunate, spreading a little joy in our neighbourhood and learning about Christmas traditions. I can’t wait!

First day of summer tomorrow! Oh how I love December. Best month of the year!

Some of the materials Jack and Sarah are using:

  • Spielgaben – if you are looking to buy a set (and I highly recommend them), email Spielgaben (, mention An Everyday Story, and they’ll give you a discount 🙂
  • The wooden number cards are from Absorbent Mind Montessori – check out their sale section. They have awesome deals in there.
  • The sandpaper letters and moveable alphabet are from Wood Puzzles in Queensland.
  • Sarah’s doll house is the Plan Toys My First Dollhouse
  • Apple peeler – I bought ours from Harris Scarfe. This one is a link to one on Amazon. 
  • Wooden Advent calendar tree


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  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I’ll definitely be pinning and trying some of these out! We use old Scrabble letters too. 😉

  2. Lovely week! That small world is so beautiful 🙂

  3. haha my favourite is Sarah’s daredevil people!

  4. a wonderful week kate! ha my kids were pretty grubby post-party too – it was lovely though huh 🙂 btw got a pic of sarah w the girls from the party on my post, so cute holding hands! love seeing all the creative learning w speilgaban and writing. bring on christmas season now huh!! x

  5. How did you decide to use script vs. print sandpaper letters? My daughter has taken an interest in letters, so I plan to buy her a set… but I’m just not sure which yet.

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