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Spielgaben STEM Activities - An Everyday Story

Reggio Homeschool 3 - An Everyday Story

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This week in our child-led homeschool…

You probably noticed last week that I have started to include Australian Curriculum links. I really wanted to show you how you can meet curriculum outcomes (whether you are in Australia or elsewhere) without using bookwork or worksheets.

It’s also not necessary (unless you are required to of course by your state) to follow the same sequence of the curriculum. You can follow your child’s interests and still meet curriculum requirements.

I know each state has different requirements for documentation, but my hope is, throughout this year – now that Jack has entered compulsory schooling-age (and we too will be compiling and submitting documentation –  that you will get some ideas, feel confident to develop an inquiry-based homeschool and do away with bookwork.

So on to this week…


Aust. Curriculum Link:

  • Recognise and classify familiar two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects using obvious features (ACMMG022)
  • Give and follow directions to familiar locations (ACMMG023)

As part of Jack’s physiotherapy goals, we have started a morning walk. I like to let the kids decide where we will walk. They stride off out in front, imaginary map in hand and navigate their way around the neighbourhood.

By letting them take the lead, Jack and Sarah are getting to know our neighbourhood, developing their sense of direction and ultimately learning to find their way home again. It’s a lovely way to start the day.

In other maths…

Jack wanted to build a tower all the way to the ceiling. He predicted that it would take 60 cubes to create a tower tall enough to reach the ceiling.

Up and up he built, choosing the right sized sticks and manipulating the balls into the right position. (Jack is using our Spielgaben set)

Spielgaben STEM Activities - An Everyday Story Spielgaben STEM Activities - An Everyday Story

You can see in this photo that he had a few failed attempts at making cubes. I pulled out our geometric solids so he could look more closely at the shapes. After that he was off!! Thirteen cubes later, his tower reached the ceiling. Spielgaben STEM Activities - An Everyday Story There’s always clipboards and fine-tipped markers nearby to consolidate their learning. Here Jack (and Sarah) drew his tower. You can see here how he is trying to draw 3-dimensionally. Spielgaben STEM Activities - An Everyday Story


  • Recreate texts imaginatively using drawing, writing, performance and digital forms of communication (ACELT1586)

Jack and Sarah spent a lot of time this week working together storytelling with Spielgaben dots. Sarah in particular created different stories about girls and fairies collecting flowers and playing together. In this picture, they are creating a story about two friends who are playing at the lake. Spielgaben Activities - An Everyday Story

Atelier – Art

  • Use and experiment with different materials, techniques, technologies and processes to make artworks (ACAVAM107)

This week I set up an exploration for Jack and Sarah from Ann Pelo’s The Language of Art: Reggio-Inspired Studio Practices in Early Childhood SettingsThis week they explored the impact of water on clay. The learnt how to shape clay, soften clay and manipulate the texture.

Reggio Art Activities with Clay - An Everyday Story Reggio Art Activities with Clay - An Everyday Story Reggio Art Activities with Clay - An Everyday Story


  • Living things live in different places where their needs are met (ACSSU211)
  • Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape (ACSSU019)

And undoubtedly the best thing we did this week was go foraging. Have you ever foraged? It was so much fun! We found apple, nectarine and cherry plum trees. We talked about how to identify fruits and poison berries and investigated different apples and taste-tested to see if they were ripe.

It was an incredible experience and one we will definitely be doing again.

Foraging in Canberra - An Everyday Story Foraging in Canberra - An Everyday Story Foraging in Canberra - An Everyday Story Foraging in Canberra - An Everyday Story Foraging in Canberra - An Everyday Story

Pop over to Instagram if you’d like to see a little more of our week, including this awesome dot-to-dot which Jack made.

What did learning look like at your place this week?


A snapshot of our week, our everyday story



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  1. I love reading about your week and I’m always getting new ideas. I linked to your blog in my post this week.

  2. I think this new format is really helpful for showing people just how easy it is to cover the curriculum Kate!

  3. a wonderful week, love seeing the different areas explored. foraging sounds awesome, where on earth did you chance upon fruit trees?? sounds super fun. im so impressed by the cube tower to the ceiling xx

  4. I love your blog and everything that you do with your kids. And the photos are gorgeous!. You are a real inspiration for me. Thank you!

  5. I was chatting to a primary teacher about the new curriculum and she said she thought the outcomes weren’t hard to cover, as they were quite broad – as I can see here. I have been thinking about them this week as we play (for example, we found an incredible little rock pool in the bush filled with tadpoles, which brought up all sorts of discussions about the best place for them to live. I’m looking forward to watching them develop!) My daughter is very aware of the clouds as she wants rain to make the waterfall flow; and the shapes come up in everyday life, such as noticing that two of her sandwich squares made a rectangle. In fact I wonder how on earth school would manage to cover such things, when so much learning occurs in such naturalistic ways!

  6. I love reading about your child-led home-school. You’ve really opened my eyes to how beautiful home-schooling can be. No worksheets ftw!

  7. What a wonderful week of learning you have had. It is such a beautiful way to start your day with your children taking the lead and exploring your local area.

  8. Love this peek inside your week of learning. Was their a website or other resource that you used to guide your foraging adventure?

  9. It looks like you had a lovely week of homeschooling – I think I need to take the kids foraging!

  10. Your Science-focus task sounds incredible. Sometimes I don’t let the kids touch anything b/c I don’t know how to identify poisonous plants myself. I know Cammy would love this opportunity.

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