This Week: A Photo Journal of our Child-led Homeschool

Light Panel Activities with Blocks - An Everyday Story

Reggio Homeschool 3 - An Everyday Story

This week in our child-led homeschool…

This week the materials for our homeschool studio arrived!! It’s been such a long and very difficult process but that’s all over now and the studio is finally here.

I am excited beyond words. We started building this week. I’ve been sharing some pics on Instagram if you want to follow the progress 🙂

This weekend we (ok well hubby mostly) laid the foundation and started on the sub-floor.

Homeschool Studio - An Everyday Story Homeschool Studio Day 2 - An Everyday Story

On to the rest of the week…


Australian Curriculum Link

  • Tell time to the half-hour (ACMMG020)
  • Recognise and classify familiar two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects using obvious features (ACMMG022)

Have you seen these Easy Read Clocks? I got one for the kids this week and it has been incredible. In just one day Jack can now read the time! And not just to the half hour, but minutes past and minutes to. It’s fantastic. (here’s a little Instagram video)

Easy Read Clock - An Everyday Story Easy Read Clock - An Everyday StoryAnd lots more play with shapes and patterns. Magnetic Tangram Shapes - An Everyday Story Light Panel Activities with Coloured Blocks - An Everyday Story Light Panel Activities with Blocks - An Everyday Story Magnetic Tiles - An Everyday Story


  • Participate in different types of guided investigations to explore and answer questions, such as manipulating materials, testing ideas, and accessing information sources (ACSIS025)

This week I introduced the first exploration from Building Structures with Young Children. The first few explorations are simply a free invitation of the materials available. This week I set out the generic Jenga blocks with the Rolka blocks and then the Zoob pieces. (I talked about some of the books I am using in my planning this year here.)

Block Building - An Everyday Story Building with Zoob - An Everyday Story


Some pieces I wanted to show you this week…

Jack has been working so incredibly hard on painting his own Warhammer figurines. Warhammer is a strategy wargame which you play with dice and little figurines. Jack LOVES it! We introduced it after we quit television. It appeals to all of Jack’s interests; art and war games. A perfect fit.

The little miniatures started off black and Jack added all the details.

Painting Warhammer Figurines - An Everyday StoryPainting Warhammer Figurines - An Everyday Story

Sarah still loving watercolours 🙂

Watercolour Painting with Preschoolers - An Everyday StoryAnd this really wonderful chalk eye drawing of Jack’s. The red part is the inside of your eye when you pull your eye-lid down (can you see the little chalk finger?)

Chalk Drawings - An Everyday Story Drawing with Chalk - An Everyday Story

Kitchen Garden

This week in the garden we started preparing for Autumn. We planted some lettuce, coriander and basil. Sarah also planted a single pea seed in a little pot; telling me earnestly that she will take care of it.

We also harvested the potatoes.

Harvesting Potatoes - An Everyday Story Harvesting Potatoes - An Everyday Story Harvesting Potatoes - An Everyday Story Harvesting Potatoes - An Everyday Story


A snapshot of our week, our everyday story with

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11 Replies to “This Week: A Photo Journal of our Child-led Homeschool”

  1. those potatoes!!!! well done, they are amazing. how cool to pull those out of the ground – love it 🙂 also, super impressed w jacks warhammer figurines. wow blast back to my teen years, i had friends who painted those for D&D haha. he did sooo well, they are so detailed! wonderful week – and love seeing progress on the studio. can’t wait to come check it out in real life when it’s done xx

  2. Very impressive eye picture!

    I ended up purchasing the block book too and it’s great. I’m really tempted to buy the other two in the series!

    1. Me too! I think I’ll see how we go with the block one and then might try the water one.

  3. Looks like a lovely weeks been had here 🙂
    I particularly like the markings on Sarah’s face while playing with the magnatiles! (We got ours last week the kids LOVE them!)
    As its our first year HS I’ve starting doing a week of our learning so we can document our journey. Pop over and say hi!

  4. Oh my, where did you get the translucent blocks?? My students are in love with magnatiles, and I would love to add these to our collection!

  5. Those figures are so wonderful! He really has an eye for detail. I also purchased the block book on your suggestion and it is so lovely. I’m thinking of getting the other two as well… 🙂

  6. I love the clock I will have to see if I can find something similar here.

  7. We *love* those training clocks! I always love your photos and posts.

  8. hi! I’m curious about warhammer. My son is turning 5 next week. I’ve never heard of it before but he loves games. Do you guys play the full version of the game? Amazon recommends age 12+? Thanks for your thoughts!

  9. I saw some of Jack’s drawings on another post and showed them to my husband…I asked him what he thought the drawings were of and straight away he said they were Warhammer Figurines!! I have a husband and a 9 yo son obsessed with Warhammer. It is so nice to see other children enjoying what is a wonderful hobby…as well as a great way to strategise, use maths, display good sportsmanship and have fun.

  10. Hello! I’m thrilled to have discovered your site! I’m starting my 30 days. Not only on behalf of my children but also on behalf of the children of my school. Where we work with the Reggio approach. Since my first visit in Reggio I ‘m trying to find out where I can buy the coloured blocks on the light table. Can you help me?

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