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Literacy Activities with Loose Parts - An Everyday Story

Reggio Homeschool 3 - An Everyday StoryThis week in our child-led homeschool…

How has your week been? We spent a lot of this week at home because Sarah was a little under the weather. She’s all better now though 🙂

Here’s an update on the homeschool studio. Last weekend we put up the roof frame and this week we got a roof! It’s looking so good! I am just a little giddy with excitement; daydreaming about all the lovely interior decorating I get to do soon 🙂

Homeschool Studio Roof Frame - An Everyday Story homeschool studio roof - An Everyday Story


Australian Curriculum Links:

  • Recognise, model, read, write and order numbers to at least 100. Locate these numbers on a number line (ACMNA013)
  • Represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of strategies including counting on, partitioning and rearranging parts (ACMNA015)

This week was about numbers. Big numbers, adding numbers, making numbers… lots of numbers. Jack wants to know how to read every number; as high as you can go 🙂


Base Ten Set | Spielgaben | Red Wooden Numbers | Montessori Large Wooden Number Cards (Aust stockist here)

Ten Frame Math Activities with Spielgaben - An Everyday Story Addition Activities with Base Ten Set - An Everyday Story I really like these number cards. They have really helped Jack understand how to make numbers. He can see as he stacks the cards, how many 1000s, how many 100s and so on.

Jack can then represent that number with the Base Ten set; one 1000 block, one 100, eight 10s and five ones. It makes it so clear. Making Large Numbers - An Everyday Story Grade One Math Activities - Making Big Numbers - An Everyday Story Addition Activities with Base Ten Set - An Everyday StoryAnd for Sarah (3.75 yrs)…

Here she’s learning how to read 1-10 as well as quantifying each number using Spielgaben pieces. She likes quantifying; she enjoys counting out the dots for each number 🙂 The first picture here was a little more challenging; I put the number stones out of order, so she had to read the number first and then add the dots.

The number stones have dots on the back so she was able to check her work once she had finished. Here’s a short Instagram video of her working.

Preschool Math Activities - Learning 1-10 - An Everyday Story Preschool Math Activities - Learning 1-10 - An Everyday Story Preschool Math Activities - Learning 1-10 - An Everyday Story


  • Understand the variability of sound-letter matches (ACELA1459)
  • Recognise sound-letter matches including common vowel and consonant digraphs and consonant blends (ACELA1458)

Jack’s been working really hard on reading sight words. I knew this time would come and I am so glad we waited until he was ready. He is picking them up so quickly now; many he already knows from trawling over books at bedtime.

These blocks are from Handwriting Without TearsSight Word Activities with Blocks - An Everyday Story

Sarah’s been asking about letters a lot. Working with loose parts is great for pre-writers. She can learn how to form the letters and become familiar with their shape without needing the dexterity to write the letters.


Vegetable Alphabet Cards | Sandpaper Letters

Literacy Activities with Loose Parts - An Everyday Story Literacy Activities for Preschool - Alphabet Activities - An Everyday Story

And some pre-writing practice with Spielgaben pieces using their own drawn patterns. Here’s a video of them working.

Prewriting Activities with Loose Parts - An Everyday Story Prewriting Activities with Loose Parts - An Everyday Story


Our outdoor art area is still out of commission. It’s currently filled with timber for the homeschool studio so any messy art has been put on hold for the moment. Instead I’ve been setting out some less messier art for the kids. This week was oil pastels and liquid watercolours.

Watercolour Painting - An Everyday Story Waldorf Wooden Watercolour Paint Holder - An Everyday Story Watercolour Painting - An Everyday Story


  • Living things have a variety of external features(ACSSU017)
  • Living things live in different places where their needs are met (ACSSU211)
  • Light and sound are produced by a range of sources and can be sensed (ACSSU020)

Sarah is a bug collector. She always has a container or two with a little insect or some other tiny creature inside. This week she found a tiny snail. She made a small home for it with some food and enjoyed watching it throughout the day.

We have a general rule though that her little critters have to go back in the garden at the end of the day. I think it is important that she knows that while fascinating, insects are living creatures, and we have a responsibility to look after them.

Snail - An Everyday Story Snail Study - An Everyday Story

Our block studies are going really well. This week I introduced their first building challenge. I’ll share some more pictures with you next week of their structures.

STEM Activities with Blocks - An Everyday Story

And so very many Magna-Tiles and magnetic tiles structures.

STEM Activities with Magnatiles - An Everyday Story STEM Activities - Magnetic Tiles - An Everyday Story

But the week definitely belonged to Little Bits! Jack has been creating all kinds of incredible circuits with these amazing little modules. The modules snap together with magnets. But they can be used in a zillion different combinations to make endless circuits. (Here’s a short Instagram video of Jack’s first introduction)

You might know that Jack has had a very long-standing interest in electronics and electricity. He’s built a mini-substation, created his own circuits and made clay & wire powerlines. These Little Bits have reignited this interest.

STEM Activities - Little Bits - An Everyday Story Little Bits Projects - An Everyday Story Little Bits - An Everyday StoryThis is a torch he made with an LED circuit and a cardboard tube. I can see many more Little Bits projects happening here.Little Bits Project - STEM Activities - An Everyday Story Little Bits Projects - Torch - An Everyday Story

What did learning look like at your place this week?


A snapshot of our week, our everyday story



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  3. Kate, although my children are older than yours, I always find inspiration in your beautifully presented provocations and activities. I’m so glad you share!

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