25+ Literacy Explorations

I'm slowly working through the photos in my This Week posts and collating all the photos into separate posts to make them easier to search. There's so much in those posts; snippets of our homeschool days, but they kind of get lost in the archives.

First up, literacy. In this post I've gathered together some ideas for pre-writing explorations, recognising letters and writing words.

All of the explorations are very hands-on; using lots of lovely manipulatives, art materials, sensory materials and even out in the garden. 

I hope you find them useful. 


Tracing pre-writing lines with loose parts | threading wooden beads | drawing on the light panel | drawing with large chalk & paintbrushes | strengthening hand muscles with clay & water

Letter Recognition

Writing with large chalk (alphabet cards from Teepee Learning) | tracing sandpaper letters | creating letters with pushpins & rubber bands | stamping with wooden letter stamps | stamping in kinetic sand (wooden tray) | creating letters with wooden shapes | writing letters in coloured salt | creating letters with loose parts | matching letters with letter tiles and cards | matching letters to seeds


Writing Words

Tracing sight words with chalk & water| making sight words with letter tiles | creating sight words with letter shapes | writing sight words in coloured salt |writing letters to friends | writing stories in blank books | writing comic books | daily journal writing | writing sentences with letter tiles | creating microscope slides

Lots of simple ideas for exploring language in a very hands-on way 🙂

Next time I think I will collate the maths photos. 


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14 comments on “25+ Literacy Explorations”

  1. Lizi

    Thankyou again for such beautiful inspirations…. So helpful xx

  2. Elna

    I have been enjoying reading your blog, Kate. It is very inspiring. Can i ask where did you get the wooden book stand? (The one to place the book or card upwards they are working with) . Thanks

    • Kate

      Hi Elna 🙂 It’s a little easel that I bought quite a few years ago now on a clearance table at a fabric store. It’s been really great though, if you ever stumble across one. I use it all the time for displaying books, art work, word cards, letter cards, all kinds of things.

  3. Suzie's Home Education Ideas

    Absolutely gorgeous Kate and very inspiring. You have such a great collection of literacy exploration ideas and they are just fantastic! I always love reading your blog (gorgeous photographs too!).

  4. Sue Scott

    I would love to know more about how you made your microscope slides!

  5. Julia

    Beautiful kids and very focused!
    What kind of clay do you use and what do you do with it exactly?

    • Kate

      Thanks Julia. We use a few different kinds of clay. Mostly we use recycled clay from a local potters society. We also use air-dry clay. The kids like to squelch around in it. We also use clay quite a lot for making models of what ever they are interested in at that time. The air-dry clay is fantastic because it dries quickly and then the kids can paint it.

  6. Melissa

    They are such beautiful photos full of wonderful inspiration. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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