On the Shelves Snapshot: Practising Sight Words

Sight Word Activities - Making words with wire - An Everyday Story

Hands-on Sight Word Activities Using Wire - An Everyday StoryI thought I might try sharing some quick snapshots of what is on our shelves on Sundays. Nothing too overwhelming, just one or two baskets at a time.

This one is getting a lot of use from Jack (6.5 yrs) at the moment; creating sight words with wire.

I use craft wire that I bought at a local fabric store (Spotlight). The thicker wire is easy to bend – thinner wire can snap easily, I’ve found, if bent too much. If you’re looking to order online, here’s two options:

This activity is very tactile; perfect for my little hands-on learner.


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2 Replies to “On the Shelves Snapshot: Practising Sight Words”

  1. Thank you Kate. My five year old will looove this idea.

    1. You are welcome. How did they go?

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