On the Shelves Snapshot: Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Activities - An Everyday Story

Ancient Egypt Activities - An Everyday StoryTonight I thought I would share two explorations that we have on the shelves at the moment. Sarah has developed an interest in Ancient Egypt. I think it started with a show we watched on the Great Pyramids.

These are very simple explorations. I like to start simply and let Jack and Sarah’s questions decide which direction we will go.

The first tray has some Safari Ltd. Ancient Egypt Toob figurines (how great are Toob?!) and some Ancient Egypt Go Fish cards. These cards are great quality and really interesting. We don’t play Go Fish – yet – at the moment, Sarah is enjoying matching the figurines to the cards and having me read the information. Ancient Egypt Activities - An Everyday StoryOne of Sarah’s first questions was how did they make the pyramids? So, I’ve added this simple block building activity. The blocks and wooden pyramid are from our Spielgaben set and the small pyramid figurines are from a Safari Ltd Around the World Toob. I picked the book up from Aldi recently. Here it is on Amazon, if you wanted to take a look.

I thought I might also put out a clay exploration this week.

What are you up to this week?

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  1. Love it! So much to learn. Can’t wait to see what direction she takes it.

    1. She has so many questions that I am not sure she knows where to start! We are doing a lot of reading at the moment and they are creating a lot of their own games; pretending to be Pharaohs and different gods which is fun to watch. But she’s been asking about shoes, and weaving baskets, and flat roof houses, and the Nile…. and on and on….. It’s quite wonderful 🙂

  2. lydia purple says:

    do you know larsen puzzles? it’s a norwegian company that does beauiful puzzles and many of the educational ones (geography and history) match nicely with the safari toob figurines. here is a link to the ancient egypt puzzle

    i buy those on amazon. we have the continent maps puzzles with animals that also match with the toob animal figurines… my kids love puzzles, so often i incorporate a puzzle into the explorations.

    1. No I’ve never heard of them but I looked them up and they are lovely. I was looking for some really nice map puzzles and that is great that they match with the Safari Toob figurines. I really love those Toob figurines. Whenever they come on sale, I always snap some up.

      The Egypt puzzle looks really beautiful; the colours are lovely. I might put a couple in my cart too.

      1. Oh I just looked them up on Amazon and they don’t ship to Australia 🙁 I’ll have to keep an eye out elsewhere.

  3. I’m so jealous. We just moved to santiago and I have no idea where I could buy this stuff! I’m yet to come across a book store that sells English books! And I’m not okay with the crazy amazon.com shipping costs! 🙁

    Such a lovely exploration! Really it is. And I just went through the I wonder why collection on amazon they seem pretty interesting. Do you have any more of these? Pls let me know so I can (eventually) order!

    1. That’s a shame about the shipping costs. We lived in Japan for a few years and I remember feeling the same; it was so hard to find any English books. I finally found one bookstore and used to spend ages in there just flicking through all the books.

      We have a few of these I Wonder Why books; they come on sale regularly at a store here for only about $5 each. I really recommend the Eyewitness series books too if you can find those. They have a lot of really good information in them.

  4. Wow, I wish I’d seen this a few months back when my daughter showed interest in Egypt . . . where do you get the toob figures from? They look amazing!

    1. Thank you Carla. I bought them on Amazon. You can click on the description up the top and it will take you to Amazon.

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