On the Shelves Snapshot: Playing with Numbers

On the Shelves Snapshot - Learning 1 to 10 with Loose Parts from An Everyday Story[Jack and Sarah use these activities during our Self-directed Explorations time. You can read more about that here.]

On the shelves this week is a simple maths explorations using glass gems and bead chains. This one is intended for Sarah (4.5 yrs). Here she can play around with numbers; count them out one-by-one with glass beads into the Ten Frame, match the numeral to the beads, arrange the beads in ascending or descending order and skip count by twos.

On the Shelves Snapshot - Learning 1 to 10 with Loose Parts from An Everyday StoryThe wooden numerals and glass gems came from the craft section of a discount store. I made the bead chains using bead wire which I simply looped over at the ends.

And here’s a simple Ten Frame that you can print and laminate, if you like.

There’s lots of scope for learning with these simple materials. What’s happening in your homeschool this week?


5 comments on “On the Shelves Snapshot: Playing with Numbers”

  1. Simply Belinda

    Honestly, for this last week I am in the process of having an absolute crisis in faith about whether I am providing anything useful to my boy’s educational experience.

    As I said in my post I really am conflicted about what I should be doing. I can’t spend the whole day providing gross motor opportunities outside of home but it really seems like I am throwing time and energy into a black hole trying to come with home based learning opportunities for things that seem to be interest based and “should” be developmentally appropriate.

    Kind Regards

  2. Amber

    Do you “present” the activities to your children or just set them out and see what they do with them?

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