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Honeybee Pollinating a Pumpkin Flower - An Everyday Story

Honeybee Pollinating a Pumpkin Flower - An Everyday StoryTonight I wanted to tell you about an e-course which I am really excited to start with Jack & Sarah. I don’t have an On the Shelves: Snapshot post for you tonight; we’re taking a break while our house is getting a bit of a make-over. We’re also working really hard to get our new homeschool studio finished. It is so close to being done!! You can check out my pics on Instagram to see the progress.

So instead I wanted to tell you about an e-course the kids and I will be doing together. It’s called Seedlings: Permaculture for Families E-course by Spiral Garden. Spiral Garden is a homeschooling family in Tasmania (who also write the beautifully inspiring blog, Owlet). They have a lovely online store which I have shopped from before and now they have this wonderful looking e-course for families teaching the 12 principles of permaculture.

Kitchen Garden - Beetroot - An Everyday Story Kitchen Garden - Gardening with Kids - An Everyday StoryNow, you all know how much I love our kitchen garden, which is why I can’t wait to get started on this course. Food forests, composting, animals in a system, worm farms, companion planting, no-dig gardening, foraging, harvesting water, seed saving, preparing a meal from the harvest…. sounds fantastic, right?!

If you’d like to join us, the course starts October 1. It’s $65 for the 8-week course.

I’m really looking forward to sharing some of the things we learn with you…. I wonder what we will learn first..


Spiral Garden are happy to offer a 10% discount to you all.  Here’s a discount code you can use when you check-out: EveryDaySeedlings


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  1. Kate – This sounds like fun! Do they run the course several times?
    I am just about to get clearance for my center from licensing in California, USA. We are hoping to open 10/1 so I expect some chaos as we settle everything and everyone in. The Church site where we are located has a permaculture garden and we are putting one in specifically for the children next to our “rain harvester”. Thanks for the resource.

  2. Thank you so much for this link, I’m going to join with my girls.

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