Healthy Alphabet Cards Giveaway: You will love these!

Healthy Alphabet Flashcards from Teepee Learning - An Everyday Story

Healthy Alphabet Flashcards from Teepee Learning - An Everyday StoryWell, haven’t I got something lovely to share with you tonight. If you’ve been around here for a little while you would have probably seen me using some beautiful alphabet cards in a lot of our work.

The cards are from Teepee Learning and each one features a beautifully photographed fruit or vegetable; apples, bananas, carrots… and lesser known ones like dragonfruit and ube.

Healthy Alphabet Flashcards from Teepee Learning - An Everyday StoryThe fruit and vegetables were photographed by Sara (the creative mind behind Teepee Learning) at her local organic farmer’s markets. She also hand sews the stunning pouches for each set of cards.

Each card also has a super yummy vegan recipe on the back. The Apple & Cinnamon Energy Balls are delicious!
Healthy Alphabet Flashcards from Teepee Learning - An Everyday Story Healthy Alphabet Flashcards from Teepee Learning - An Everyday Story


Now to the fun part 🙂 Sara has given me this lovely set of alphabet cards in a watermelon pouch to give to one of you. This giveaway is open to all Australian residents.

The giveaway will run from now until this Sunday (15 November) at 9pm AEDST.

Thank you all so much for entering. The winner will be notified soon 🙂 

Healthy Alphabet Flashcards from Teepee Learning - An Everyday Story Healthy Alphabet Flashcards from Teepee Learning - An Everyday StoryTo enter

To enter just leave a comment (along with your email address) telling me:

What is your child’s favourite healthy snack?

If you’d like to check out Teepee Learning’s full range, click here.


Conditions of entry – please, only one entry per person. This is not a game of chance. The winner will be chosen by me. The judge’s decision is final. The winner will be notified by email. The winner will have 48 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond, another winner will be chosen. Good Luck 🙂 

118 Replies to “Healthy Alphabet Cards Giveaway: You will love these!”

  1. My son’s favourite snack is baby cucumber.

    1. Lauren Burke says:

      My middle son loves blueberries ! Since he was little and is now 5. Instead of buying him a cookie he will just eat a punnet in one sitting (if I let him!) I can’t complain about that 🙂 Thankyou – the cards look amazing 🙂

  2. Lauren Gleeson says:

    My little boy Jett loves my apple and carrot bread. It has not only the apple and carrots but also banana, blueberries and sometimes zucchini too. The best bit is he helps me to make it.

  3. Oh these are lovely Kate! I have been admiring them for a while and would love a set for Abbey. Her favourite healthy snack would have to be cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks with hummus for dipping 🙂

  4. My preschool class likes picking a letter from my healthy eating alphabet book, that I wrote for a class and finding a way to prepare it.

  5. These cards are gorgeous! I don’t know who would enjoy them more, me or the kids! My kids love most types of fruit, as well as yogurt. Have to work on those veggies though…

  6. Eunice A Breitenbach says:

    My daughter Mikhaila loves ice cold juicy watermelon.

  7. Milla (5) loves kalamata olives,
    Anna (4) loves whole lebanese cucumbers,
    Layla (2) loves watermelon,
    and Esther (5weeks) loves breastmilk.

  8. Nilrukshie Dickson says:

    My daughter’s favourite healthy snack is freshly cut coconut pieces from coconuts grown on her grandma’s property.

  9. Miss M loves chickpeas, bococcini cheese, cucumber and carrots….pretty much anything! Miss L likes carrots and chicken sushi, and strawberries!

  10. Oh my the alphabet learning cards are just beautiful. The children love picking all the berries and tomatoes in our garden and could eat cucumbers every day if we could grow them all year round.

  11. My grandsons are into ‘healthy’. Each day they have a supply of fruit and raw vegetables in their own mini fridge..from apples to celery, strawberries to mushrooms. Their ‘snack’ diet is the ‘abc’ of healthy foods.

  12. My girls love fruit and herbs picked from our garden!

  13. Apple slices

  14. My daughters love our apricot log rolls. I make them with medjool dates, dried apricots, coconut, LSA, chia seeds and whatever else I have in the cupboard to make them healthy. They freeze perfectly and are yummy eaten straight from the freezer.

  15. Our girls love berries. Blueberries and raspberries, especially fresh from our garden ?

  16. These alphabet cards are so lovely. I always admire them when you share them on instragram. My kids favourite healthy snack at the moment is fresh strawberries picked straight from the plant and into the mouth, still warm from the sun. Can’t get better than that 🙂

  17. Lidia, 5yrs, likes a cup of warm milk!

  18. My daughters enjoy veggie sticks (cucumber, capsicum, carrot and snow peas) but at the moment their all time favourite treat is a mixture of dried cranberries, sultanas, coconut chips, Apple chips and frugos.

  19. Alyce Ten Haaf says:

    Love these cards! They’re beautiful. My kids’ favourite healthy snacks are
    Emily (6) – my healthy muffins (banana, carrot and apple)
    Jaden (4) – watermelon and homemade popcorn
    Esme (1) – strawberries (by the punnet!)

  20. I’ve admired these cards for a while, mostly through your posts!

    Both my boys currently love snaking on apples, blueberries, mangoes and the strawberries from our garden.

  21. My boy’s favourite is watermelon, so much so that all of my friends know to make sure there is lots when he is around! He will put so much in his mouth that juice spills down his chin, luckily he’s cute, even when he is a sticky mess!!

  22. Mr 3 would tell you ‘I eat anything!’ My 3 boys absolutely love beetroot dip! Made with beetroot, cashews, Parmesan cheese, garlic and lemon, they devour an entire batch in one sitting. With crackers and vegetable sticks, they can’t get enough and I don’t have to limit the quantity because it’s all healthy!
    Mr 3, 5 and 7 have their own bar fridge which we fill with healthy snacks and food for the day so they can help themselves whenever they want. This is a part of our Montessori at home setup that gives them independence and saves me from being in the kitchen all day.

  23. Chia pudding! my son loves the stuff. Usually made with just coconut milk and vanilla and topped with berries. He’s allergic to eggs and nuts and a very fussy eater so I have to be creative!

  24. My daughter Lillee can’t wait for rockmelon season as that’s her favourite healthy snack 🙂 She would love these cards 🙂

  25. My children LOVE scorched/ roasted almonds, Kate.

  26. Wow, what beautiful cards, I’ll need to add these to the birthday list to give friends. Silvie’s (4) hot weather summer snack is frozen yoghurt bark. Spread Greek yoghurt on baking paper, top with any fresh fruits or nuts, freeze then break into refreshing chunks and devour! Preferably outside while enjoying summertime fun!

  27. In my 3 year old son’s worods…… “East or west – fruit kebabs are the best.”

  28. Donna minogue says:


    I would really like to receive the fruit alphabet cards it’s such a healthy way to teach your child.


  29. I am a preschool teacher with 17 children ages 3/4 and overall the MOST popular snack item is yogurt in a tube!
    Alllllll of my little ones would so benefit from these beautifully designed cards!! LOVE!!!

  30. My son Alexander’s favourite snack, is an apple. In his own words, “I like to eat it like this: crunch!”

  31. My son loves to eat bananas, he helps himself! 🙂

  32. Kellie Moody says:

    My son’s favourite healthy snack is natural yoghurt with watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and or grapes mixed through.

  33. My two year old has liked hummus from an early age. Now he takes his pretzel sticks (the only acceptable thing to dip in hummus) and puts small olives on top then stands them up in the hummus to make “olive trees.” Then he methodically eats every olive off before turning his attention to the pretzels and hummus.

  34. My 3 boys love all fruit and vegetable. Whole or cut it doesn’t matter! 7yo favourite is red apples, 5yo favourite is a carrot, and 3yo will eat a whole pun net of strawberries!

  35. My daughter, Marie, who just turned one love her yogurt, soy milk with barley, and fresh apples!

  36. apples bannana smoothies and home made kale chips

  37. This would be perfect for my little 2 year old Abigail who is so loving the alphabets now! Her favourite snack – fruits! Any sort of fruits, as long as there are fruits she’s happy, particularly berries (again, any sort of berries!)

  38. Fruit Salad for sure! Me too. 🙂

  39. Lev (3) loves pickles that his baba makes from the backyard garden. He especially likes them when they have been in the jar for just a few days. He began eating “cucs” when he was 13 months and loves them just the and on everything.
    Lusia (16 months) is a Raspberry connosieur. The first thing she thinks of in the morning is her daily “Downward Dog” yoga pose followed by a raspberry snack with breastmilk.

  40. Sarah Hawker says:

    My daughter’s favourite snack is bocconcini cheese with carrot sticks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I let her!

  41. Griffin loves watermelon!

  42. My son Max loves red snacks best
    Raspberries he will swiftly digest
    Strawberries, he loves them too
    Especially the ones that we grew
    Watermelon is eaten slice by slice
    And cherry tomatoes, he thinks they’re nice

  43. My little ones love my “Chocolate Balls”. It is a bit deceiving as they do not contain chocolate. Instead they are made by putting fresh dates, walnuts, almonds,cacao powder,coconut oil,shredded coconut and a touch of vanilla bean in a food processor. Blend until quite smooth then roll into balls and refrigerate. Great for an afternoon snack (also yummy with a cup of tea for Mum). 🙂

  44. I have 3 daughters who are all mad for watermelon. It is always their first choice.

  45. Alisa Thaler says:

    My son loves apples, my daughter loves tomatoes or meat!, number two daughter loves bananas. 🙂

  46. My children love strawberries! we spend all spring going to every u pick farm we can find in Georgia. It is amazing that we can eat 5lbs. of sstrawberries a day as long as they are in season!

  47. My daughter’s favorite healthy snacks are pistachios and dried coconut.

  48. These alphabet cards look delightful, what a great learning tool that can be used in so many ways. My two children are loving roasted chickpeas, we have been experimenting with different seasonings. So easy and SO delicious (I have been enjoying them too!).

  49. Broccoli

  50. I care for infants and toddlers in my home in Santa Barbara. I also am lucky enough to have my beautiful ten year old granddaughter with me many days a week.
    All of the children are such good little eaters! The thing that they never refuse and can always bring contentment is frozen organic blueberries. Sometimes plain, sometimes stirred into yogurt, or floating in milk.
    Such a fulfilling experience, feeding our “family.”

  51. My daughters favorite snack is blueberries!

  52. Holly mccormick says:

    My twins love apples & almond butter

  53. My daughter loves cucumbers and olives with some healthy crackers.

  54. Kiwi….he LOVES kiwi. He calls it Kiki. Thanks for the chance!

  55. Marcy Stagner says:

    My son’s favorite healthy snack is edamame and berries! Love these cards!

  56. My children enjoy chicken liver pate with carrot sticks and fresh peppers.

  57. Chloe (3) loves beans and fresh peas from the garden. Only wish we planted more because the plants can’t keep up with her.

  58. My son’s favorite healthy snack is frozen blueberries. My daughter’s favorite is hummus with tiny carrots, which means I have to slice baby carrots into quarters lengthwise. When they need a snack together, we make our own trail mix. It has to be personalized, so she can have raisins while he has cranberries and fewer peanuts, etc. They enjoy stirring their mix briskly (and unnecessarily) with spoons before eating it.

  59. my boys (5&3) love apples, bananas, and watermelon. Thanks for the great giveaway! The alphabet cards are really creative and my boys (and I) would love to win them! 🙂

  60. My daughter loves green smoothies!

  61. Apple slices and pb!

  62. It has to be the smoothie! I love making them wholesome smoothies sweetened only with fruit. And when my son has been unwell as he recovers he enjoys straight hummus, and he will eat lots of it! Its as if his body knows it has something in it to help him regain weight and get better?! Thanks for your inspiring blog 🙂

  63. Amber Pulice says:

    These are bright and beautiful. Would love a set <3

  64. Blueberries are the favourite snack of Miss 2 and Master 5. We’ve just planted a few blueberry bushes, fingers crossed they produce abundantly!

  65. my son’s favourite snack changes from plums to smoked oysters on organic crackers with antipasto. Right now persimmons and pommagranates are a favourite.

  66. My 13 month old scarfs down prunes. It is really something to witness!

  67. My Son loves snacking on tomatoes, especially the small peroni or cherry tomatoes.

  68. Gorgeous cards! My son Max (3.5) favourite snacks is all kind of nuts and prunes 🙂

  69. Both my girls LOVE frozen strawberries – I buy punnets of them when I find them for a good price, dehull them and then freeze them 🙂

  70. Hugo (2) loves watermelon, Evelien (also 2) loves ricotta and Claudia (6) loves apples the best !

  71. My boy goes bananas for raspberries. Picked a 2L icream bucket full with his grandad one day and by the time we got home the bucket was empty!

  72. How lovely! I’ll try my luck. My son’s favorite healthy snack is a little mix of strawberries and blueberries, dipped in vanilla yoghurt or Greek yoghurt.

  73. Hi Kate!

    We are a vegan family with a happy and healthy 4 year old who cannot wait to be reading! We have so much trouble finding plant based resources, and my daughter has no context for so many words (yet, she will learn them in time), like steak and meatballs. I am so glad these cards exist.

    Her favourite way to snack is straight from the garden, mostly strawberries and peas in their pods, but her heart belongs to fresh parsley straight from the plant. I know … It’s so bizarre!

  74. My childrens’ favourite healthy snack is apple slinkies. Any apple put through the slinky machine comes out spirally and delicious.

  75. My daughter’s favourite snack is picking and then eating fresh Mulberries from the tree/bush I have growing in my backyard. She is 28 years old and 7 1/2 months pregnant, so maybe the ‘Little Bub’ will also love Mulberries.

    I am setting up a lovely nursery in our house so that Little Bub can come and play and learn and touch and hear wonderful things here, and so my daughter can have a nap or relax knowing her child is happy and healthy and safe.
    I would love to include your excellent gorgeous cards here. Or give them to my first grandchild as a gift!
    I look forward to looking at more of your creations soon, I just discovered you and your goodies! Cheers!

  76. My girls love creating their own “platter”. This usually involves strawberries, apples, kiwi fruit, watermelon, carrot sticks, water crackers, cheese and home made olive dip. Whatever is available and takes their fancy on the day. This is our usual morning tea and is often creatively placed on a plate by them. Yum.

  77. Both my children like celery filled with peanut butter, cream cheese or hommus dip

  78. Tamra Wilson says:

    Hi Kate, that’s a tough question.
    Lily says savoury muffins, dairy gluten sugar cake. She likes gum nut trees (when she’s a koala) ?.
    Aaron says dried apricots (unsulphured).
    Hannah says blueberries and blueberry muffins (it’s all gluten dairy and sugar free).

  79. Frankie loves pumpkin seeds xo

  80. Skye (4) loves apples and Jack (3) says he loves apples, because he wants to be just like Skye. But really he adores really expensive Parmesan cheese 🙂

  81. My kindergarten class love strawberries and blueberries.

  82. All my kids would say mango is their favourite fruit, however the fruit they eat everyday is apples.
    As a family day care educator who supplies morning and afternoon tea their is always a multitude of fruit in our house. We are also lucky enough to have several fruit trees and strawberry patch in our yard to eat from as well as bake with and turn into jams.

  83. Lauren Harris says:

    my daughter’s most favourite healthy snack in dipping blueberries in vanilla yoghurt

  84. My child loves watermelon balls or watermelon in different shapes.

  85. My friends baby loves carrot puree!

  86. Ayla ( 1.5) loves watermelon .

  87. My daughter, 5, loves eating avocado straight out of the skin with a teaspoon. My son, 7, loves kiwifruit.

  88. Virginia Mason says:

    Teepee Learning cards sets look fantastic! Great for my little ones or my kindy class.
    My children enjoy making fruit or vegetable kebabs for their healthy snack. I chop up the fruit/vegetables and put them in bowls and the children can push each piece down the kebab stick (bonus as a fine motor activity). Our current favourite is making red and green patterned snakes with grapes (add sultanas for eyes).

  89. Lovely cards! Favourite snacks are blueberries and (healthy) wholemeal pumpkin cake.

  90. My son loves all kinds of fruit and yogurt smoothies!

  91. Rebecca simonsen says:

    Melon- watermelon, Spanish melon any melon ?

  92. My daughter Tasha (4 years old) cherishes fresh strawberries straight out of the garden strawberry patch! Most fruits, avocado, cucumber and capsicum follow very closely behind on her healthy snack favourites list.

  93. Both my boys(2 & 4) love bananas

  94. Pomegranates!!

  95. All of my kids could eat fruit salad with yoghurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let them, especially if there were lots of big beautiful blueberries bobbing around!!! 🙂

  96. Blueberries are the favourite for my two at the moment…thankfully the local blueberry farm has just started harvesting for the year!

  97. Kelly Stutsel says:

    My kids both love home made potato crisps: all you do is slice a potato with a mandolin, then place a few slices on paper towel and microwave until crispy. They taste amazing!

  98. My son Jordan favorite food is mango’s. He asks all year is it summer yet as he knows that we can only buy mango’s at that time of the year.

  99. Laura Elliott says:

    My toddler class love making bliss balls and fresh bread. They also love tasting the different fresh veggies I bring each day as a snack.

  100. Fresh picked strawberries!

  101. Mr 2 loves peas – cooked or frozen he’s not fussed. It makes a quick and easy snack on a hot day! He calls them his green icies!

  102. Margaretha Ferrell says:

    Would have to be berries! Fresh from our garden or local markets. She has already started getting some blueberries from our first ever blueberry bush!

  103. A colourful platter of Banana’s, watermelon, apples, strawberries – anything fruity and juicy 🙂

  104. It’s always banana time for my toddler. She takes it by herself from the fruit and veg trolley and requests peeling and ” chunking” it for her.

  105. Nimisha Shah says:

    My children just can’t get enough of Lebanese cucumber with hummus. Lovely, healthy and refreshing snack for beautiful spring/summer days.

  106. I love the cards! My kindy class loved it when we shared a plate of unusual fruits. Lychees, rambutans, longans and bell apples!

  107. Our best loved snack in the summer time is juicy, sweet watermelon!

  108. My preschool students love Kiwis!

  109. My eldest doesn’t like veggies much but has discovered that peas picked straight from the garden are delicious. Next season I will have to plant twice as many!
    His little sister will eat pretty much anything. Celery sticks and cream cheese are a current favourite.

  110. My son loves bananas.

  111. Cucumber. Just big chunks of cucumber. 🙂

  112. Well right now I would have to say Ginger (5) and Tom (3) are equally partial to blueberries and almonds. Cranberries are another favourite but I am dubious about their health qualities as I notice sugar is listed as one of their ingredients.

  113. My daughter’s favourite healthy snack is carrot sticks dipped in ABC spread.

  114. My kids love carrot sticks and hummus 🙂

  115. Spending a few years in Japan, my Goddaughter loves to make and eat onigiri!!

  116. My Kindergarten children love pulling up a carrot from our carrot patch, quick wash and all you can hear is crunch, crunch, crunch!

  117. My son loves “ants on a log” – homemade peanut butter spread on celery sticks topped with sultanas 🙂 the children I care for in my family daycare also love making these and gobbling them up. Always creates giggles around the table as we eat Ants 😉

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