What’s Under the Tree for Jack & Sarah?

Little Joey Toy Co. Handmade Waldorf Inspired Toys - An Everyday Story

Little Joey Toy Co. Handmade Waldorf Inspired Toys - An Everyday Story

Aren’t these toys just stunning?! Tonight I wanted to show you what Jack and Sarah will be getting for Christmas. I came across these beautiful toys through my friend Kelly of Happy Whimsical Hearts (a really wonderful Waldorf-inspired blog btw).

It is really difficult to find beautifully-crafted wooden toys in Australia – and Australian animals are near impossible. Which is why my heart was completely won over by these exquisite toys.

These toys are handcrafted and hand-painted using sustainable materials by Little Joey Toy Co. And, they are made locally here, in Canberra by local artisans.

Little Joey Toy Co. Handmade Waldorf Inspired Toys - An Everyday Story Quality Wooden Australian Toys - Waldorf Inspired - An Everyday StoryJack and Sarah won’t be getting all of these on Christmas morning; some I will tuck away for their birthdays. But I really wanted to show you what I got them. I love each piece but I especially love how the tree is crafted to fit the cockatoo and the koala.

Little Joey Toy Co. Handmade Waldorf Inspired Toys - An Everyday Story Little Joey Toy Co. Handmade Waldorf Inspired Toys - An Everyday Story

I know these toys will become family heirlooms and I just can not wait for Jack and Sarah to unwrap them on Christmas morning. Now, all I have to do is decide which ones I’ll keep for their birthdays…..

So, if you are looking for something truly special for your little ones, pop over and have a look at Little Joey Toy Co.

10 Replies to “What’s Under the Tree for Jack & Sarah?”

  1. My goodness! These are stunning. And you are right, Australian animals are hard to find. But these ones are just gorgeous. I can see why you’ll be keeping these ones in the family.

    1. So hard to find, aren’t they? Which is why I was so happy to find these little guys. And that they are made right here in Canberra, well that made them even more special.

  2. Isn’t that clever how the little koala bear hangs on to the tree. My kids would love that. Ok I would love that. I wonder if they ship internationally.

    1. That’s my favourite too – oh and the little billabong with the crocodile…ok, they are all pretty lovely. And yes, they do ship internationally.

  3. Yes, Little Joey Toy Co. ships internationally, we are very glad to hear you love our little animals 🙂 we put a lot of love into making them. We hope your children enjoy many hours of magical play.
    Warm regards The Team at LJTCo

    1. Thank you so much Alex for making these beautiful toys 🙂 I have had them tucked away for a while now as you know and just can’t wait to see the kids’ faces when they open them on Christmas morning.

  4. Oh my are they ever adorable! And how the bird and koala fit on the tree? Genius. The kids will adore them.

    1. That’s my favourite too 🙂 Sarah LOVES cockatoos – we have a few which live around here, so I know she is just going to love playing with this lovely one in the tree.

  5. They are lovely! And locally made is brilliant. We just had a large box delivered this morning with the words spielgaben on the side. I’m excited and might have to have a bit of a look before Christmas!

    1. Have you had a peek inside the box yet? And I have a sneaky suspicion that someone at their house might have got a new Spielgaben set 😉 🙂 – I bet you were a little confused lol. I may have had a little play with our set of Little Joey Toys and then popped them back in their box 🙂 They are just too lovely.

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