10 Fabulously Fun Things to Make with Nature this Christmas

Christmas-Tree-Craft-for-KidsChristmas just feels like a time for crafting, doesn’t it? It’s becoming a rather lovely family tradition of ours to spend that warm summer Christmas day, outside crafting. It’s such a lovely way to spend that slow time after lunch (if you’re not sleeping of course). I’ve been gathering ideas for this year and have come across quite a few oh so lovely looking ones.

Here’s 10 fabulous crafts to make this Christmas season. Make sure you click over for the full tutorials.

Christmas-Tree-Nature-Craft DIY-Paper-Balls-made-with-nature

Oh how I love these crafts from Mother Natured: Christmas Tree Weave | Christmas Tree Ornaments |  DIY Paper Balls Using Nature . Aren’t they just all exquisite?! pinecone elves

And how about these lovely little pinecone elves? Cute, right?
pressed flower ornaments

We have made some clay ornaments like these from Twig and Toadstool before and they turned out beautifully. We used white air-dry clay but this one has a recipe for a white clay which you bake in the oven. I think the kids would enjoy making their own clay.

stick reindeer

And how sweet is this little reindeer? This would be a simple craft for littlies.

Twiggy Snowman Christmas Ornaments1 Michele Made Me

I have a very sweet spot for tree cookies and these little snowmen are just too cute.

stick stars and trees twig star

Twiggy stars are so lovely. I think this year might be the year we master twiggy stars. The top ones have been strung into a garland which is really beautiful and the colourful twiggy stars are from Happy Hooligans.santa sticks

And these Santas, swoon. These stunning little fellows are from GardenMama (thank you Lise for finding the link for me 🙂 )

Are you doing any Christmas crafting this year?

12 Replies to “10 Fabulously Fun Things to Make with Nature this Christmas”

  1. Those first three are so beautiful and really unique, but still very doable. Thank you for making this lovely collection of nature crafts.

    1. Thank you Edith 🙂 I really enjoyed curating the list. There is so much that inspires out there.

  2. We love crafting at Christmas time too. We all bring our craft projects and sit outside together in the afternoon, while the men are usually taking a nap!, and craft together. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day.

    1. Thank you 🙂 🙂

  3. Always lovely, with no snow so far we have been taking nature walks almost every day after school, Nathan and Taryn recently followed a little partridge quite far. our little treasures found will surely come to good use with these ideas. Appreciate your time taken and the wonderful inspiration, keep those little ones smiling wonderfully. Xo Ho-ho
    A loving Family from Canada

    1. That sounds so lovely. We don’t have partridges here. And it must feel strange to have such a warm winter. Still, it would be nice to be able to get out (and stay outside for longer).

  4. Oh I love those pine cone elves! Definitely on my list. We’re making a fairy house for my daughter out of logs and pieces of tree trunk. I’m working on peg doll fairies for her as well, but I think she’d love the elves as well! I also love the twig stars and clay ornaments! Thanks for beautiful ideas for this coming week!

    1. Aren’t they just gorgeous. And so simple to make. I tried making some peg doll elves and fairies but couldn’t get the faces right so I left them blank which completely perplexed Jack and Sarah so they took it upon themselves to draw them on 😀 😀 The fairy house sounds lovely. Are you planning on making it like a treehouse with different levels? I’ve seen a few like that on Pinterest and they look stunning.

  5. These are all so adorable!!
    I have plans for my boys to make a few things leading up to Christmas. Unfortunately for me in Canada, there aren’t any lovely leaves for us to weave at this time of year, but we’ve already gathered twigs to make trees and stars, which we will weave yarn through.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos and ideas!

    1. I heard that it’s been an unseasonably warm winter for you guys this year. We’re going to make some twiggy stars too this Christmas. Our families always get together – well the kids mostly and a couple adults – to craft on Christmas day. I think woven stars and trees will look really lovely. I have some leftover rainbow wool which would look nice too. I might offer that up this year 🙂

      1. Rainbow wool sounds lovely!
        Yes, it has been unseasonably warm here! But in the last week we got a good dumping of snow, putting a damper on some plans due to rotten road conditions. But at the same time, it’s nice to have a bit of white stuff right before Christmas! Otherwise, it gets rather brown and dull.

        Enjoy your Christmas with family!

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