Today in the Homeschool Studio

Woodworking Inquiry for Children - Displaying Materials - An Everyday Story

Today in the homeschool studio…

Reggio Inspired Homeschooling - In the Studio - An Everyday StoryToday in the studio, Sarah (5 years) worked on a beautiful washi tape collage. Art Projects for Kids - Washi Tape Collage - An Everyday Story Reggio Inspired Homeschooling - In the Studio - An Everyday StoryJack (7 years) built with Click Blocks.Best Blocks - Click Blocks - An Everyday Story Best Blocks - Click Blocks - An Everyday StoryWoodworking Inquiry for Children - Displaying Materials - An Everyday StoryI reorganised the language materials under the kids’ woodworking projects.

(from left, Touchtronic letters & CVC word cards, Handwriting Without Tears letter blocks & alphabet cards, sight word cards and THRASS chart, Writer’s Block writing prompts)
Tinkering Projects for Kids - Washi Tape and Loose Parts - An Everyday StoryJack built an ‘Alien Road Map’ from washi tape and recyclables. Art Projects for Kids - Plaster and Washi Tape Sculptures - An Everyday StorySarah made a plaster and washi tape sculpture.Art Projects for Kids - Paper People - An Everyday StoryAnd drew a little girl “whose not happy all the time and that’s ok”.


I buy our washi tape in bulk from ZartArt (there’s also a huge range on Amazon). Our Click Blocks are from Modern Teaching Aids. They are wonderful wooden blocks that click together like Duplo. They also come in beautiful natural tones. The basket for the Click Blocks is from IKEA.

Sarah’s used Quick Dry Plaster Rolls, which I also bought from Modern Teaching Aids, for her sculpture. They’re out of stock at the moment but I can highly recommend them when they come back in stock.

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12 Replies to “Today in the Homeschool Studio”

  1. What a gorgeously creative day!

  2. Love, love, LOVE every picture. I love the little drawing in the last picture the most. It’s just darling. And I’d love to know more about the plaster sculptures.

    What a beautiful day.

  3. So much colour. I really like the look of those click blocks too. My little duplo lover will love those

  4. Is there an Australian store that stocks Handwriting Without Tears products??

  5. Lisa Bailey says:

    love it ! could you do a post on your woodwork area ?

  6. Love that washi tape collage! And Sarah is looking very grown up lately!

  7. Sarah s highly imaginative💐
    Love all the art work done by ur beautiful children💐

  8. This post just exudes contentment from the children! Such a happy, creative, wonderful space you have created for and with them… just love it. Love all of their creations – never even thought of letting them make pictures w washi tape! such a great idea… esp for a few rolls we arent using! And sarah’s drawing is soooo precious. Love it all xx

  9. Love this..i am wandering is that a low heat glue gun? If so, where can i go about buying one in Australia?


    1. Yes it is 🙂 I bought it from Spotlight

  10. A lovely post. 🙂 I love the pick things on the wall in the first picture, they look like little streamers hanging from coat hangers.

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