Transform Your Homeschool Podcast: Episode #1 – Setting Up Your Homeschool Room

Transform Your Homeschool Podcast - An Everyday Story

Transform Your Homeschool Podcast - An Everyday StoryToday I’m sharing with you my first ever podcast. For a little while now, I’ve wanted to start a podcast series talking about some of the issues and questions that you guys often ask. I thought about writing another 30 Day series (like the 30 Days to Transform Your Play series) but instead thought that it might be nice to try a podcast.

So, here I am 🙂 It’s a little rough, but hopefully I’ll get better, but for now, I hope you all find it a little helpful and join in the discussion by leaving a comment. 🙂

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Here’s the links I mentioned in the podcast:


These books have been really helpful in helping me to better understand the Reggio Emilia Approach & inquiry-based learning.


Each one of these blogs is hugely inspiring. They are all kindergarten blogs but so much of what they share can be easily applied to a homeschool setting. I read all of them regularly and highly recommend you take a look too.

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6 Replies to “Transform Your Homeschool Podcast: Episode #1 – Setting Up Your Homeschool Room”

  1. I LOVED hearing your beautiful accent, Kate. And can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. I think it’s wonderful that you have started a podcast. I’m looking forward to following along.

  3. This is so great, Kate! I listen to podcasts every day and I’m so excited that you are starting one. Can’t wait to listen!

  4. Hi Kate! Happy to hear you’re putting together some podcasts! I enjoyed this first one; I’m curious to hear how having a dedicated room has changed how the kids learn, if at all. We have a five and one year old so it’s a challenge with wanting certain materials to be accessible to the five year old while of course ensuring the safety of the baby. We tried having the one dedicated space but have found at this stage it’s not entirely a good fit.

  5. Congratulations Kate on your first podcast. Great content as ever and so lovely to hear your voice and really looking forward to hearing more.

  6. Thank you for making this podcast. I found your guiding questions very helpful & exactly what I needed to think through as I set up a space in our new home. In the past our learning space has focused on art but I noticed my 11yo son wasn’t using it and said it was mostly a space for his sister. I see the need to include a space for the way he learns and with materials that appeal to him.

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