The Last Two Years

Auckland - An Everyday Story

Our Travels.

Auckland - An Everyday Story
Low Tide in New Zealand
Takapuna - An Everyday Story
Searching for Shells in New Zealand
Barley Field Scotland - An Everyday Story
Barley Field in Scotland
Kensington Palace - An Everyday Story
Meeting the Pigeons at Kensington Palace, London
Higland Calf Balvenie Castle - An Everyday Story
Making Friends with the Highland Cows in the Scottish Highlands
York Wall - An Everyday Story
Walking the Ancient Wall in York, England
Beach Hair - An Everyday Story
Tiny Curls from Salty Water, Newcastle NSW
Snow Fights - An Everyday Story
Snow Fights in Winter

At Home.

London Jammies - An Everyday Story
Learning Letters and Words in Matching London Jammies
Art studio - An Everyday Story
Endless Hours Spent in the Studio
Ableton - An Everyday Story
Making New Music Everyday
Outdoors - An Everyday Story
Whole Days Spent Outside
Swing - An Everyday Story
And Time to Just Be

The kids have grown and changed a lot over the last two years; but some things stay the same. Our days are still filled with art and music, with gardening and baking, and with reading and play.

New interests have come and gone, while others have lingered a lot longer.

I’ve changed too. I’ve turned 40! I’ve decluttered our home and our schedule. I’ve let go of control and embraced unschooling. And I’ve slowed right down into life on our little city farm.

As a family we’ve prioritised things that are important to us; like travel and space in our home for it to breathe, while saying good-bye to things that no longer fit into the life we want to live.

We are finding our joy.

And how about you? What has been happening in your life, dear friends?

15 Replies to “The Last Two Years”

  1. So lovely to see your post pop up. Beautiful captures of your days, Kate. We’ve moved towards unschooling too.

  2. I discovered your blog (and loved it!) shortly before you took a break. I’ve wondered about your family over the time and am so happy to see you back. I love that you’re unschooling and hope to see more from you!

  3. Omigoodness what a joy to find you in my inbox again this morning! I’ve missed you all! Thank you so much for the amazing update! I’m curious about how you planned your travels. Did you do it yourself or with an agent? Were you visiting family or were these places on your bucket list per se? What an amazing two years! Happy belated birthday too!

    1. Agree! Great to see you back in my inbox!

  4. well you said you were gonna do it and you did! welcome back my friend!!

  5. I’ve been a subscriber to your blog for several years and recently I found myself wondering how your lovely family is doing. Glad to see your post!

  6. I’m so curious about the ‘making music’ photo! Can you tell me a bit about what is going on in that picture?

  7. I was just thinking the other day how much I missed your posts! What a happy thing to see you in my mailbox again! Your last teo years look like a lot of fun! Your studio was the inspiration to our homeschool/craft room that I set up almost two years ago. It has been a great space for our needs but it is the traditional dining room in our house and a bit small. Over the last two years, it has grown quite cramped and overfilled with art creations, school and art supplies. However, we just bought a new house with a completely separate and larger space designated for homeschool. I am so excited to refer back to your studio to be reinspired to set up a new great space to explore and learn! What you have created for your children is wonderful. And the enriching experiences you’ve been on look like they’ve created lasting memories and impressions on your family.

  8. You were my inspiration to begin the homeschooling journey! We too have moved more towards unschooling as we have gained confidence in the natural progress of the human mind. Thank you for your post–a lovely way to begin a New Year.

  9. It is so great to find this here! I have been so curious, as my kiddo is just a year or two behind yours. I love these photos, and am curious how you introduced music-making on the computer to your kids — I’m a digital media artist and electronic music composer, who has so far kept my just-turned-5yo mostly off of screens, but I know well how creative it can be. If you end up blogging again, I’d love to hear more!

  10. Thanks for reconnecting Kate. I am a Canadian educator who is living and working for the past 6 years in Hong Kong. We opened a playgroup and kindergarten that I is Reggio inspired and always refer to your blog for ideas and guidance. It has been so helpful – thank you.

  11. It is so good to see a new post from you! I was so surprised when I saw your mail waiting for me. So happy that everything is ok and that your kids are growing healthy and happy.

  12. Oh, I’m so glad you’re back to blogging! I missed your posts! Like many said above you’re an inspiration (and you have great kids :))

  13. I am so excited that you are sharing online again! I love your Instagram feed and am so happy to see an article on your blog. What an interesting two years you have had realigning your family life with what you truly want.
    You are such an inspiration to our family. We have moved to the USA from Perth, Australia and are now home schooling too. I’m not sure if we will unschooled but so much of what you do is in the same vein as what we hope to do in the next couple of years that you just never know! So often I have looked in on your IG and blog because a lot of what you have shared resonates with me – I also even come from a teaching background.
    If you are up to it I would love to hear more about your decision making in regard to your style of minimalism. We purged a LOT of our belongings to move here and I am doing a lot of thinking about the feel we want to have in our new home here. We have a chance to start it all over and that doesn’t come too often. We weren’t super attached to ‘stuff’ but still had way more than we needed.
    Anyway, thanks for getting back into the blogosphere to inspire us all again and to share your journey.
    Best wishes.

  14. I started reading your blog years ago, and still come back to it again, and again, and for all that time have been meaning to get in touch to thank you for all the ways in which it has enriched my familiy’s life. It began as a resource, but at some point your brave, creative, resourceful family made its way into my heart, and I have often wondered about you and your children in these past years. It is so good to know that all is well in your world.

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