Today in the Homeschool Studio

Woodworking Inquiry for Children - Displaying Materials - An Everyday Story

Today in the homeschool studio… Today in the studio, Sarah (5 years) worked on a beautiful washi tape collage.  Jack (7 years) built with Click Blocks. I reorganised the language materials under the kids’ woodworking projects. (from left, Touchtronic letters & CVC word cards, Handwriting Without Tears letter blocks & alphabet cards, sight word cards […]

Coloured Streamer Wall Hangings

Art Activities for Kids - Streamer Wall Hangings - An Everyday Story

Do you guys know Megan Schiller from the Art Pantry? I follow her Instagram account and it is overflowing with creative inspiration. A little while back Megan posted a picture of a wall hanging she and her students had made from pieces of wool. I loved it. On Mother’s Day, Jack (7 yrs) and Sarah […]

Bead & Sequins Mobile

Art Activities in a Reggio Inspired Homeschool - Bead and Sequins Mobiles - An Everyday Story

The afternoon sunshine streams beautifully through the door of our homeschool studio. And with the sun setting earlier these autumn days, we are often still in the studio to feel its warmth. A couple weeks ago I was flicking through the ZartArt catalogue (very dangerous!) looking for some paints and came across these wonderful mobiles (product […]

Offering Children’s Art Back to Them

Extending Art with Kids - An Everyday Story

Kids can be prolific little artists, can’t they? Sarah (4 years) can easily paint a dozen paintings in a single session. Her paintings soon pile up and I started thinking… what do we do with all this art? Is each piece finished after just one session? And how connected is she to her art? I was […]

Exploring Familiar Art Materials in Different Ways

Oh I really didn’t intend on being away for so long. I came down with bronchitis and it just flattened me. I don’t think I have ever felt so run down for so long. My body was definitely telling me that I needed to slow right down and take the time I needed to get […]

Simple Provocation: Watercolours & Drawing Materials

Kids Art Activities with Watercolours - An Everyday Story

Today’s Simple Provocation is pretty simple 🙂 I saw recently an art teacher who had offered her students oil pastels, watercolours and fine-tip permanent markers; the effect was really nice. The oil pastels added some lovely texture and the watercolour wash seemed to really tie the piece together. I thought we’d give it a go. […]