The Last Two Years

Auckland - An Everyday Story

Our Travels. At Home. The kids have grown and changed a lot over the last two years; but some things stay the same. Our days are still filled with art and music, with gardening and baking, and with reading and play. New interests have come and gone, while others have lingered a lot longer. I’ve […]

An Art Gallery for the Homeschool Studio

Hello!! How have you all been?? Things here have been well, more than a little up and down of late…. I feel like the clouds are starting to part though and our days returning to normal (albeit a slightly different normal than before). I don’t know about you, but for me, when unexpected things happen, […]

Where’s Will?: Introducing Young Children to Shakespeare

Shakespeare Inspired Art - An Everyday Story

Tales of mistaken identity, tragedy, romance, forest fairies and a donkey-headed man named Bottom, these are the wonderful tales of William Shakespeare. I stumbled across Where’s Will?: Find Shakespeare Hidden in His Plays (a Where’s Wally-style book) in our local bookstore and instantly loved it. Hamlet, MacBeth, Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, all the most […]

Transform Your Homeschool Podcast: Episode #1 – Setting Up Your Homeschool Room

Transform Your Homeschool Podcast - An Everyday Story

Today I’m sharing with you my first ever podcast. For a little while now, I’ve wanted to start a podcast series talking about some of the issues and questions that you guys often ask. I thought about writing another 30 Day series (like the 30 Days to Transform Your Play series) but instead thought that […]

Homeschool & Autism: Learning to Spell

Learning Materials for Teaching Spelling - Homeschool and Autism - An Everyday Story

I don’t think I have told you all before, but a couple of years ago, we sought out the expertise of a psychologist to help us understand Jack better. We were already pretty certain that he had autism and was gifted but decided to have Jack undergo testing so we could put a few more pieces […]

Growing Mushrooms is Seriously Awesome: Harvesting Mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms with Kids - Mushroom Inquiry - An Everyday Story

Today I think we took the last harvest of our oyster mushrooms. Growing mushrooms has been so incredibly fascinating. The kids and I were completely enamoured by the entire process. We watched as furry white lumps turned into tiny mushrooms, then grew and grew. It was incredible. Each day Jack and Sarah would check and […]