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An Art Gallery for the Homeschool Studio

Hello!! How have you all been?? Things here have been well, more than a little up and down of late…. I feel like the clouds are starting to part though and our days returning to normal (albeit a slightly different normal than before). I don’t know about you, but for […]

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Shakespeare Inspired Art - An Everyday Story

Where’s Will?: Introducing Young Children to Shakespeare

Tales of mistaken identity, tragedy, romance, forest fairies and a donkey-headed man named Bottom, these are the wonderful tales of William Shakespeare. I stumbled across Where’s Will?: Find Shakespeare Hidden in His Plays (a Where’s Wally-style book) in our local bookstore and instantly loved it. Hamlet, MacBeth, Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer’s […]

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Transform Your Homeschool Podcast - An Everyday Story

Transform Your Homeschool Podcast: Episode #1 – Setting Up Your Homeschool Room

Today I’m sharing with you my first ever podcast. For a little while now, I’ve wanted to start a podcast series talking about some of the issues and questions that you guys often ask. I thought about writing another 30 Day series (like the 30 Days to Transform Your Play […]

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Learning Materials for Teaching Spelling - Homeschool and Autism - An Everyday Story

Homeschool & Autism: Learning to Spell

I don’t think I have told you all before, but a couple of years ago, we sought out the expertise of a psychologist to help us understand Jack better. We were already pretty certain that he had autism and was gifted but decided to have Jack undergo testing so we could […]

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Growing Mushrooms with Kids - Mushroom Inquiry - An Everyday Story

Growing Mushrooms is Seriously Awesome: Harvesting Mushrooms

Today I think we took the last harvest of our oyster mushrooms. Growing mushrooms has been so incredibly fascinating. The kids and I were completely enamoured by the entire process. We watched as furry white lumps turned into tiny mushrooms, then grew and grew. It was incredible. Each day Jack […]

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Woodworking for Children - An Everyday Story

Choosing a Topic for Project Group: Woodworking

contains affiliate links “What defined their [project] work was ownership. They directed and managed the project. They owned the work….[P]roject work is work that is chosen by children and done by children, with the help of attentive adults who are there to mentor, facilitate and support.” ~ Lori Pickert, Project-based […]

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