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If you would like to reference An Everyday Story for educational purposes, I encourage you to read the books I have listed on my Reggio books page. These books were written by experienced educators and experts in their fields.

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  3. Carolyn Galbraith says: Reply

    Hi Kate,

    I’m a Masters student running a photovoice project focused on parent’s perception of time in nature for their kids with autism. I’m looking to find out what parents think of the benefits of nature for their kids with ASD, as well as barriers to accessing nature. I’m hoping you could consider joining or let others in the same situation know about this project. Please contact me for more information.

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  6. Great ideas about the sand pit! Can you recommend a liner? How deep of a sand pit do you recommend?

  7. Dear Sir / Madam.,

    We would like to introduce ourselves as an owners of the Esteemed Educational Organisations from Bangalore, India in the name of ” Apoorva Education Trust” .

    We have been in this Educational Industry for the past 18+years with the contract of local state board curriculum and as further we have been looking for an attractive International Pre School Curriculum along with training & technology with infrastructure materials for the following Sections & Grades as mentioned below :

    1. Infants / Baby Care .

    2. Play Group.

    3. Nursery .

    4. Jr k1.

    5. Jr k2.

    6. Grade 1.

    7. Grade 2.

    Well , We have happened to go through your website & we were very much fascinated with your methodology ,curriculum & pedagogy ideologies.

    Further we would wish to clarify the following details from you i.e :

    1. Can you help us by support & share your curriculum as a contract to us here in India .

    2. Can you provide us with all the required interior material along with your curriculum.

    3. Can you provide us the technical support along with the required training for the above following curriculum’s with the materials .

    4. Can you send your professional Coordinating team to India for the training of our staffs .

    Kindly let us know your best price quotations along with your terms and conditions .
    further if things look positive i & my team would like to visit you at you head office in California and finalize the contract .

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    Kuldeep Ambur
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