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If you would like to reference An Everyday Story for educational purposes, I encourage you to read the books I have listed on my Reggio books page. These books were written by experienced educators and experts in their fields.

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I also have a FAQ page which you might find helpful.

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  1. Hi, I have so enjoyed your site and you have inspired so many activities in my home. Thank you! I recently bought a light panel after seeing yours and I am curious how you went about protecting it–you mention you have some type of acrylic or plastic over it and the panel seems to have a frame around it. Did you purchase it this way or did you custom build the frame with acrylic? I would love to know what you did to protectyour panel before we set up ours for hard play.

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Sofia 🙂 My kids still love their light panel and I recently purchased them a new one too. They definitely need protecting though!! Jack and Sarah paint all over theirs and do all kinds of messy things on it. We’ve had a few different covers for it but the one I’ve liked the best has just been some thick plastic sheeting that you can buy by the meter at a hardware store (I got ours from Bunnings if you’re in Australia).They can just pop the cover on and then when they are done, I just wipe it clean then roll it up and pop it away.

  2. Hey,
    Greetings from Oslo, Norway. We’re moving to Regina on 1 April and wondering how we can register our 3 year old into this kindergarten. any application process or can I contact somewhere.


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