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18 Replies to “Contact”

  1. sally-anne davis. says: Reply

    hi there kate. iam very impressed with the ideas that you have and work that the children do. i was wondering if you have any suggestions of how to be an artilier in a reggio emilia centre, i recently applied for a job but unfortunately was turn down as didn’t know enoth of the reggio approach.i have qualifications in art and design, and spatial design too; and Iam in my second year of training for my ece teacher; iam going on my practicum soon away from my centre , hopefully will go to reggio centre. so if you could help me to guide me in the right direction for me to become and artilier as this would be my dream job to teach children art.
    i hope that you can help me ,
    many regards, Sally -Anne Davis.

    1. Hi Sally-Anne. Lovely to meet you. My suggestion would be to read as widely as you can. I have a list of books on my Reggio-inspired Books page which I have found very useful. That and seeing the children and the atelier in action has what has helped me the most to understand the purpose of the atelier. I think it really starts with our image of the child, how we see them and so therefore what kinds of experiences we offer them. Good luck. I really hope you get your Reggio placement and if not, maybe see if they would be interested in having you volunteer some time there.

      1. Hi this is Amouda from France, very nice to see your Reggio Emilia centre.I am really impressed and will be very happy to visit your school once in my life time, that is my ambition. I have already worked as a child care in France for 5 years and running a school in India with my sister. She is a special educator in India she finished her education in India, we both were immpresed by your challenging aspect of the Reggio Emilia approach
        Thank you for your multiple points of view regarding childrens needs.


  3. I saw that you are writing your own curriculum and I was so excited that I think I jumped up and down a bit. My son will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and if you had a curriculum out by then I would buy and recommend it to everyone, I just know it. I can only hope it is ready by then, and until that day, I look forward to your beautiful posts that inspire me.

    1. Thank you so much Jessica. That is so lovely to hear. When does the school year start in America? Is it in September? Our school year starts in February but I think I might be able to get the kindergarten curriculum ready for September 🙂

      1. Yes, the school year in the US starts in September. Last week of August if you want to get technical. I am definitely a child-led homeschooling mom, but I can’t deny that I like to have a little guidance in writing or else my schedule at home is extremely disorganized because I spend time setting up activities while my kids run off and don’t care about the activity anymore because I’ve took to long. Anyway, I will be going to Banksia Park, S. Australia for my cousin’s wedding so if you know the area, any recommendations are welcomed!

  4. Dear Kate,
    My name is Fanny, a french mum of 2 kiddos, Edouard who is 5 and Constance 3.
    We are presently doing a trip around the world. In Brisbabe for 3 days now, we will travel in Australia for 1 month. I love your blog, your words, your pictures. You are inspiring me 😉 I am a little bit nervous to ask you if your family will want to meet ours while we are in Australia ? Its fine, if its not possible but I have to ask you in order to not regretted it afterall ! I think it will take us a while to come back to Australia 😉
    Have a nice evening,

  5. Hi Kate,

    Thank you very much for posting some of my classroom work on your FB page. I am so flattered! I simply love your ideas, creativity and knowledge. I have gained so much inspiration from you! I have a direct link on my blog ( to your website explaining more about Reggio Inspired Practices.

    All the best,



  6. Hi there,

    Asia Citro directed me to you 🙂
    I’m after a set of Liquid Watercolours, I can’t get them on Amazon as the suppliers don’t ship here. I was told you sourced them locally. I’d love to know where.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Katie. I got mine from Modern Teaching Aids

  7. Hi Kate
    I would love to receive emails when you post something. Have I subscribed by ticking the box below? I hope so!
    I work in a 3-6 Montessori environment but I am very interested in the Reggio Emilia approach.



  8. Hi Kate

    Would like to know where did you get your logo designed? I remember you have a two feather logo before which now change into a watercolor mark. Thank you!


    1. Hi Chenning, I designed it myself in Pickmonkey 🙂

  9. Reneé Irwin says: Reply

    Just want to check – do you actual work by a theme with all subjects centered around it or is it a mix up? I’m nervous as I start my homeschooling journey.

  10. Hello from one of those people who embrace the wonder of everyday learning through the eyes of a child. Thank you for the confirmation that there are still creative learners who happen to be adults enjoying the process with the children they happen to be surrounded by. Can you give me references for building natural playscapes?

  11. Norma Isabel Fragoso says: Reply

    Please add me to your new posts!

  12. Hello dear Kate! I was an avid follower of your Reggio posts many years ago when Jack was young and you were just wondering and getting doctor’s diagnosis and planting your front yard into a “farm” and building your much desired art studio in the back yard. I was working with children with autism in the public school where I worked with children with special needs as an aide. I quit when I started having grandchildren so I could be their babysitter as needed as most parents both work now days it seems. My 7 daughters are all married now and I have 15 grandchildren who all spend a good deal of time at my house. You probably don’t remember me as you have so many dedicated followers but I REmemBER you and how your throughts and ideas resonated with me. It helped shaped my daugher’s classroom for pre-kindergardeners as she began teaching and reached to me for ideas. I have recently been wondering how you are all doing and how your life has changed when one of your photos popped up on Pinterest randomly in my viewer and I thought that has to be “my” Kate. Between the grandchildren and multiple blessed and tragic happenings in my world, life has continued flowing onward. My mother was diagnosed with Altzheimer’s Disease and lived with me for a while before she had to be with round the clock attention and regretfully went into a nursing home but I was there every day unless I was sick. She died 3 years ago and things were dark for me. Thank goodness for my hubby and my “littles” to show me that life has bright spots in the sad days and that whether we think it should or not, life continues. I am so happy to have “found” you again. Can’t wait to read up on old posts that slipped through my fingers in the years between in my hiatus from reading your blog everyday to putting our beautiful thoughts into practice in my life and those around me. Bless you dear internet friend and I am so happy to welcome your ideas back into my world!

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