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Transform Your Homeschool Podcast - An Everyday Story

Transform Your Homeschool Podcast: Episode #1 – Setting Up Your Homeschool Room

Today I’m sharing with you my first ever podcast. For a little while now, I’ve wanted to start a podcast series talking about some of the issues and questions that you guys often ask. I thought about writing another 30 Day series (like the 30 Days to Transform Your Play […]

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Woodworking for Children - An Everyday Story

Choosing a Topic for Project Group: Woodworking

contains affiliate links “What defined their [project] work was ownership. They directed and managed the project. They owned the work….[P]roject work is work that is chosen by children and done by children, with the help of attentive adults who are there to mentor, facilitate and support.” ~ Lori Pickert, Project-based […]

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Sunflower Inquiry - An Everyday Story

Inviting Life Into Your Homeschool Room

contains affiliate links When you look around your homeschool area, what do you see? How do you feel? Do you see light and life? Bringing life into your learning area allows children to interact, care for and observe plants, flowers and living creatures. Adding life also adds natural textures, colours […]

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Art Activities for Homeschool - Outdoor Art with Nature - An Everyday Story

Getting Started with a Homeschool Project Group

contains affiliate links This week for homeschool project group, the kids spent the afternoon at the National Arboretum. We had prepared a scavenger hunt and brought along some art materials – plasticine, watercolour paints and oil pastels – for the kids to create and explore. We are in-between projects at […]

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Art in a Reggio-inspired Homeschool - An Everyday Story

Our Weekly Schedule + Books & Resources for 2016

contains affiliate links I feel like we have gone through so many evolutions of our homeschool weekly schedule. We might be moving along happily for a little while but then we’ll start to grow in some area, or our interests will shift and our weekly rhythm just doesn’t seem to […]

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Big Picture Planning in an Inquiry Based Homeschool - An Everyday Story

Planning for 2016: Big Picture Planning

Well that was a long Christmas break 🙂 I hope you all had a lovely holiday (although, it seems so long ago now, hey?) This year is going to be a big year for our little family. I now have two official homeschoolers with Sarah starting Kindergarten and Jack moving into Grade 2. Mostly […]

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