Gaps in their Learning

Engineering Activities for Kids - An Everyday Story

Are you worried about gaps in their learning? It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? It seems so heavily laden with assumption but also asked so easily. When you decide to homeschool, people invariably ask, are you worried about gaps in their learning? I think what people are saying when they ask this is, “Do you think you […]

Why Socialisation IS an Issue for Homeschoolers

Socialisation and Homeschooling - An Everyday Story

You always hear about socialisation not being an issue for homeschoolers; like it’s some terrible cliche – the weird, socially awkward homeschool kid – that we are always trying to shake off. But here’s the thing, socialisation is an issue for homeschoolers; a BIG issue. When a child enters school, they are joining a community. Schools work […]

How to Encourage an Inquiring Mind: Learning effective questioning techniques

STEM Activities with Blocks - An Everyday Story

Questioning, wondering, exploring, engaging; trying to make sense of the world. This is science. Real hands-on learning; learning through trial and error, hypothesising, reflecting, documenting…seeking answers. When I was first training to be a teacher we learnt about higher order and lower order questioning. Higher order questioning left room for the child to answer thoughtfully; […]

What Does a Reggio-inspired Project Look Like?

Reggio Inspired Projects - An Everyday Story

If you’ve got 20 minutes, this video is definitely worth a watch. If you’re wondering what a Reggio-inspired project looks like; how it evolves, how the teachers and children collaborate and the kinds of dialogues which take place between the teachers and children (and among the children), then this video will give you a lot […]

Teach the Way They Learn

An Everyday Story

sponsored post/contains affiliate links When I was teaching high school there were usually two reasons why a student would have difficulty focussing on tasks; either there was an external issue that I wasn’t aware of (maybe they were still processing something which happened over lunch, maybe they were preoccupied with a relationship issue or maybe something […]

How Not to Learn to Write

contains sponsored/affiliate links People always comment on how smart Jack (5.5 yrs) is; how maturely he speaks, how quickly he understands, how focussed he is, he must be a dream to teach, they say, …. If I am being honest, it is difficult to hear this so often and not have it influence your attitudes. Unconsciously at first, I started […]