Growing Mushrooms is Seriously Awesome: Harvesting Mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms with Kids - Mushroom Inquiry - An Everyday Story

Today I think we took the last harvest of our oyster mushrooms. Growing mushrooms has been so incredibly fascinating. The kids and I were completely enamoured by the entire process. We watched as furry white lumps turned into tiny mushrooms, then grew and grew. It was incredible. Each day Jack and Sarah would check and […]

The Zoo Inquiry: Getting Started with Inquiry-based Learning

“[It] evokes the idea of a dynamic process, a journey that involves the uncertainty and chance that always arises in relationships with others. Project work grows in many directions, with no predefined progression, no outcomes decided before the journey begins. It means being sensitive to the unpredictable results of children’s investigation and research. The course of a project can thus be short, medium or long, continuous or discontinuous, and is always open […]

The Human Body: Building a Skeleton

contains affiliate links Little by little it seems that Jack’s (4.11 yrs) interest in electricity is coming to its natural end; being replaced by a renewed interest in the human body. Questions are flying thick and fast over this way. He’s jumping from how our digestive system works; particularly how our stomach functions, back to skeletons, […]

Studying The Human Body

This Homeschool Week - Exploring the human body {An Everyday Story}

contains affiliate links This week was all about the human body. You might remember from last week that Jack (4ys) had become quite interested in x-rays lately. This week he and Sarah (2yrs) have still been investigating different x-rays on the OHP and light panel. This inevitably led to questions about bones and so our […]