A New Book: Kids in the Kitchen

I went to visit my beautiful friend Kylie today. When you walk into her home you pass a sweet little area for her boys to put on their shoes, you walk passed their family room, beautifully arranged with child-sized furniture; today there was a giant mirror up against a wall for the kids to explore. […]

A Day Amongst the Flowers

Well you wouldn’t know it by the weather we had today (7 degrees and rainy) but we have had the most gorgeous Spring weather lately, perfect for a day amongst the flowers at Floriade. Even amongst these magnificent blooms the rocks by the lake beckoned Jack. Sarah and I took a lovely rest under a […]

A Glimpse of Spring…if only for a moment

For one day the sun shone brightly, the wind was calm and the air was warm.  Amongst the trees and the fresh air we played. If only for a moment before the clouds crept back in and the rain started to fall.  It was nice, if only for one day.

Making Space for Two in the Kitchen

A couple months back I cleaned out a kitchen cupboard and made a little space for Sarah (16 mths). It was good in theory but in reality, Sarah wanted to use the bowls and utensils in Jack’s (3.5yrs) space. She wasn’t particularly interested in using her space. And since the pantry was set up to […]

Sarah’s Room: Growing with Her

I’ve been doing a bit of reorganising lately; I’ve jiggled around the playroom a bit to make it more engaging for Jack (3.5yrs) and Sarah (16 mths). I think a space should continually evolve, especially for children, their needs and interests continue to grow and so their environment needs to continue to support their growing […]

A New Cutter for Jack

What kind of cutter does your little person use? I had been on the look out for a while now for a cutter for Jack. I was still deciding between a knife; child-sized kitchen utensils are quite popular here so there is plenty of choice, and a crinkle cutter. I decided to start with the crinkle […]