On the Shelves Snapshot: Practising Sight Words with Loose Parts

Sight Words Activities with Spielgaben - An Everyday Story

sponsored post This week’s On the Shelves Snapshot is another literacy activity for practising sight words. This activity uses our sight word cards, a blank piece of lined card for writing and some lines, curves and dots from our Spielgaben set. Here’s a picture on Instagram of Jack working with this activity. [Jack and Sarah use […]

On the Shelves Snapshot: Learning Initial Sounds

Simple CVC Reading and Writing Activity - An Everyday Story

A really simple activity for this week’s snapshot. This one is for Sarah (4.5 yrs) to practise her initial sounds. These are called word spinners (or spinny spellers). Every spin creates a new consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) word. I bought ours here from Quality Montessori – I see they’ve added a ‘silent e’ set too which looks great. […]

On the Shelves Snapshot: Practising Sight Words

Sight Word Activities - Making words with wire - An Everyday Story

I thought I might try sharing some quick snapshots of what is on our shelves on Sundays. Nothing too overwhelming, just one or two baskets at a time. This one is getting a lot of use from Jack (6.5 yrs) at the moment; creating sight words with wire. I use craft wire that I bought at […]

On the Shelves: Literacy

Montessori Alphabet Activities with Sandpaper Letters - An Everyday Story

Last time I shared a few of the maths materials that we have out on our shelves at the moment. This time I am sharing some literacy ideas.In our homeschool room we have one small bookcase. This means that I can’t have too many materials out at any one time, which is a bit of […]

25+ Literacy Explorations

I’m slowly working through the photos in my This Week posts and collating all the photos into separate posts to make them easier to search. There’s so much in those posts; snippets of our homeschool days, but they kind of get lost in the archives.First up, literacy. In this post I’ve gathered together some ideas […]

Writing Books: Encouraging Emergent Writers

Learning to Write - An Everyday Story

For the last little while now Jack has been fiercely interested in writing books. It all started when we ran out of sketchbooks – I usually have a small supply on hand but his drawing has become so prolific lately that I quickly ran out – in a pinch I offered to make him a small […]