Choosing a Topic for Project Group: Woodworking

Woodworking for Children - An Everyday Story

contains affiliate links “What defined their [project] work was ownership. They directed and managed the project. They owned the work….[P]roject work is work that is chosen by children and done by children, with the help of attentive adults who are there to mentor, facilitate and support.” ~ Lori Pickert, Project-based Homeschooling Did you see my […]

Today in the Homeschool Studio

Woodworking Inquiry for Children - Displaying Materials - An Everyday Story

Today in the homeschool studio… Today in the studio, Sarah (5 years) worked on a beautiful washi tape collage.  Jack (7 years) built with Click Blocks. I reorganised the language materials under the kids’ woodworking projects. (from left, Touchtronic letters & CVC word cards, Handwriting Without Tears letter blocks & alphabet cards, sight word cards […]

Coloured Streamer Wall Hangings

Art Activities for Kids - Streamer Wall Hangings - An Everyday Story

Do you guys know Megan Schiller from the Art Pantry? I follow her Instagram account and it is overflowing with creative inspiration. A little while back Megan posted a picture of a wall hanging she and her students had made from pieces of wool. I loved it. On Mother’s Day, Jack (7 yrs) and Sarah […]

Inviting Life Into Your Homeschool Room

Sunflower Inquiry - An Everyday Story

contains affiliate links When you look around your homeschool area, what do you see? How do you feel? Do you see light and life? Bringing life into your learning area allows children to interact, care for and observe plants, flowers and living creatures. Adding life also adds natural textures, colours and beauty to your environment. […]

Bead & Sequins Mobile

Art Activities in a Reggio Inspired Homeschool - Bead and Sequins Mobiles - An Everyday Story

The afternoon sunshine streams beautifully through the door of our homeschool studio. And with the sun setting earlier these autumn days, we are often still in the studio to feel its warmth. A couple weeks ago I was flicking through the ZartArt catalogue (very dangerous!) looking for some paints and came across these wonderful mobiles (product […]

Growing Mushrooms and Studying Mycology

Mushroom Growing Kits for Kids - Mushroom Inquiry - How Do Mushrooms Grow - An Everyday Story

I never knew fungi were so fascinating. They aren’t really plants and they aren’t animals either, they are in a kingdom all of their own. We were at the farmers’ market recently and there was a new stallholder selling all kinds of interestingly shaped mushrooms. Usually we only see the regular old button mushrooms, so this […]