4 Words to Help Calm an Anxious Child

How to Calm an Anxious Child - An Everyday Story

4 Words to Help Calm an Anxious Child I could see the entire situation unfolding before me; before it even happened. Jack needed to have a blood test and we were given no time to prepare him. Usually we would spend the weeks leading up to something like this stepping him through the process, reminding […]

Breaking the ‘Look Mummy’ Habit

‘Look Mummy. Look. Look. Look look look.’ I was in the kitchen while he stood in the hallway… ‘Look Mummy.’ ‘Look’. And so it went on like this everyday; several times a day. Several times an hour actually. Finally, after having my thought process interrupted one too many times, I snapped back at him, No more looks! […]

Unplugged: Why we Quit all Screens

How to Quit TV - An Everyday Story

Well hello. It’s been a little while since we have chatted, hasn’t it? I hope you had a lovely Christmas. There’s a reason things have been so quiet around here. Quite out of the blue, and without discussing it with the kids (and only briefly with my husband), I decided that we needed to unplug. […]

Children Don’t Need to be Overstimulated to Get Their Attention!

Talking with Children Respectfully - An Everyday Story

We took a bus trip today. A very special bus trip. We were going on a Bus Wash. The kids all piled on the bus; getting their tickets with giddy excitement and taking their seats. The two bus drivers introduced themselves and handed out a worksheet to each child. It was a game of Spotto. The […]

Becoming Your Most Productive Self

When we first become parents we are told again and again to embrace the moment, live in the now, the dishes can wait… and so can the washing and the dirty floors. Five years on and I think I have to say that I could never really embrace this notion. Yes the dishes can wait… but […]

Teach Your Child not to Interrupt in One Simple Step

How to Stop Children Interrupting in one Simple Step - An Everyday Story

See these two? Boy do they have a lot going on. Often times they are just BURSTING to tell me something and will come straight up to me and tell me what’s on their mind regardless of whether I am already talking to someone. Well they used to. That was before I saw this truly […]