What is Inquiry-based learning?

The teachers [and parents] need only to observe and listen to the children, as they continuously suggest to us what interests them, and what they would like to explore in a deeper way

~ Malaguzzi talking about choosing projects


Inquiry-based learning is exploring a range of common curriculum areas - language, maths, art, science, history and so on - through deep and sustained inquiry. We choose areas to explore by observing our children, watching their play and listening to their questions. 

Inquiry-based learning is a slow process; a gradual unfolding of learning that can be undertaken over weeks, months or even years. 

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A Day in Our Life: Weekly Schedules & Daily Rhythms

Art in a Reggio-inspired Homeschool - An Everyday Story

Our Weekly Schedule: Grade 2

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Our Weekly Schedule: Preschool

Inquiry Based Homeschool Weekly Schedule - An Everyday Story

Our Weekly Schedule: Grade 1

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How to Faciliate Inquiry-based Learning

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Teach the Way they Learn

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Tools for Inquiry-based Learning

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Hands-on Math Materials

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Inquiry Work

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The Zoo Inquiry

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The Human Body Inquiry

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The Seed Inquiry

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Literacy: Writing Books

Transparent Triangles (An Everyday Story)

Maths: Exploring Shapes & Patterns

An Everyday Story

Art: Observational Painting

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