Our Homeschool Room

Reggio Inspired Homeschool Room - An Everyday Story

Inside an Inquiry-based Homeschool Room

Our inquiry-based homeschool room is always changing; always evolving. As new interests emerge, new materials come out and new inquiry shelves are made. It's always changing.

This means that the room always feels like it holds the presence of the two little people that work and play in there. The room reflects their interests and their developmental stages.

Here's a look at our homeschool room and how it has evolved over the years. 

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Reggio Inspired Homeschool Room

Our Homeschool Studio 2016-present

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An Everyday Story

A Homeschool Room for a Small Space – 2013-2016

Reggio playroom shelves {An Everyday Story}

A Homeschool Room for Preschoolers – 2011-2013

Nature Shelves

Making a Nature Shelf For Your Homeschool Room - An Everyday Story

Curating Spaces: Nature Shelf

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Nature table - using a mirror

A Simple Nature Table


Our Atelier - The Art Area

An Art Corner for Toddlers – 2011-2013

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An Art Area for Small Spaces – 2013-2016

Outdoor Art Area

Construction Area

Best Blocks for Open-ended Play - Creating a Block Area for Your Homeschool - An Everyday Story

The Construction Area in Our Homeschool Studio

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A Toddler Block Area

A Block Area for Toddlers & Preschoolers


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