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Our life is full of little moments; snapshots which make up our days


On Sundays I post a photo journal of our week. I share photos of our Reggio inspired homeschool, little moments in our lives, our kitchen garden and my simple joys.

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2014 was…

Light Rope and Magnatiles - An Everyday StorySpielgaben - Homeschool Planning Process - An Everyday StoryKarate Grading - An Everyday StoryMagformers on the Light Panel - An Everyday StoryWatercolour Observational Painting - An Everyday StoryDrawing on the Light Panel - An Everyday StoryAn Everyday StoryJack watercolours 290314Homeschool Kindergarten mathSwimming - An Everyday StoryCreating words on a Geoboard - An Everyday Story.jpgTinkering - An Everyday StoryAn Everyday Story


2013 was…

magnatiles and led candles - An Everyday Storychalk drawings - An Everyday StoryFarms - An Everyday Storywindow blocks outside - An Everyday StoryWorld landmarks - An Everyday StorySarah's playDIY Geoboard - An Everyday StorySarah paintingAn Everyday Story - making patterns with JegroProject 52 This Week: Reggio inspired livingProject 52 - snippets of our Reggio-inspired preschool homeschoolThis Week... A photo series on An Everyday StoryUsing watercolour pencils - a blue wren - An Everyday Storynative bird study - An Everyday Storynumbers and counters - An Everyday StoryObservational drawings - African animals - An Everyday StoryProject 52 An Everyday Story - making a fireplacewatercolours and oil pastel art - Reggio - An Everyday StoryBuilding with blocks - An Everyday Storyblocks - An Everyday Storyblocks - An Everyday StoryMaking imprints in playdough using natural materials from An Everyday Storynature discovery tray - An Everyday Storyusing natural materials in the block corner - An Everyday StoryOpen-ended art - paint and collage - An Everyday StoryReggio activities - colour mixing provocation - An Everyday StoryObservational art - drawing dragonflies - An Everyday StoryProject 52 This Week 16/52Playing with tree blocks - An Everyday Storystacking cups on the light panel


2012 was…

paint on the trampolinespices nature table {An Everyday Story}art journals for toddlers {An Everyday Story}#7 Montessori practical life peg practice activity {An Everyday Story}Reggio activities (1) colour swatches and flowers {An Everyday Story}Writing numbers in coloured saltReggio Emilia activities - clay and mirrors {An Everyday Story}Authentic open ended art with preschoolers {An Everyday Story}Reggio Emilia activities for preschoolers - Project-based Learning insects {An Everyday Story}Reggio activities exploring natural materials {An Everyday Story}


A snapshot of our week, our everyday story.

Child-led Homeschooling: Reggio Inspired Living & Learning


8 Replies to “This Week: Journal of a Reggio Inspired Homeschool”

  1. I have just spent hours (which I don’t have!) reading through your blog and being so inspired! Can my kids live with you?!!! I am looking forward to your future posts and future inspirations. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much Kristy 🙂 Of course they can come visit 🙂 So nice to meet you and I hope you pop back again soon.

  2. Hi Kate – the paint swatches that you have…do you literally just go to a paint shop and they have these for you to choose and take home? Thanks! Lesley

    1. haha yep. Just head down to Bunnings (or Masters – they have the nice big ones with just one colour) and pick up the ones I want.

  3. Love your blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wonderfully inspiring activities. Where did you buy your wooden trays? I’m in the US and having a hard time finding them. Thank you!

  4. Hi Kate, thank you for creating such an inspiring web site. I can’t wait to do all the fun stuff with my little monkeys. You have plenty there to keep us busy for a good while.

  5. Hello, Kate! I’m looking forward to perusing your environment. My classroom is also Reggio Inspired, but it is beginning to feel a bit crowded and not so lovely. I’m excited to see how you manage your supplies, arrange your provocation tables, etc.

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