Growing Mushrooms and Studying Mycology

Mushroom Growing Kits for Kids - Mushroom Inquiry - How Do Mushrooms Grow - An Everyday Story

I never knew fungi were so fascinating. They aren’t really plants and they aren’t animals either, they are in a kingdom all of their own. We were at the farmers’ market recently and there was a new stallholder selling all kinds of interestingly shaped mushrooms. Usually we only see the regular old button mushrooms, so this […]

The Wild Pollinator Count: Learning about pollinators in our backyard

Backyard and Homeschool Science: Learning About Pollination - An Everyday Story

contains affiliate links For Project Group this week, we all took part in the Wild Pollinator Count. The Wild Pollinator Count is a civic science project. Here’s a quick explanation from their website: “The Wild Pollinator Count gives you an opportunity to contribute to wild insect pollinator conservation in Australia. We invite you to count wild pollinators […]

Experiment: How Deep Should You Plant a Seed to Get the Best Growth?

Seed Inquiry - Watching Seeds Grow in a Seed Viewer - An Everyday Story

This experiment comes from a great new book called The Curious Kid’s Science Book by Asia Citro. It’s a little different to a lot of other science books for kids that I have used. The experiments are very open-ended. There isn’t a lot of step-by-step instructions or explanations of scientific concepts – stick with me, that’s a good thing – […]

Why Does the Sun Move?

Science Activities for Preschoolers - Tracking the trajectory of the sun - An Everyday Story

It started with her building a colourful zoo. She’s been building little zoos for a while now with blocks and playsilks. I’ve been taking photos and documenting her learning and had thought these photos would be part of that but…this exploration took a wonderfully different path. ‘Let’s draw these colours, Mummy.’ It was cloudy today. The […]

Learning About Honeybees: Extracting Honey

contains affiliate links “Mummy, how do bees make honey?” Ahh the morning ponderings of a five-year-old over a piece of honey toast. For the last couple of weeks we have been learning about honeybees. Jack and Sarah’s questions have steered us towards flowers, nectar, honeycomb and bee behaviour. And so just like that another wonderful project […]