Homeschool & Autism: Learning to Spell

Learning Materials for Teaching Spelling - Homeschool and Autism - An Everyday Story

I don’t think I have told you all before, but a couple of years ago, we sought out the expertise of a psychologist to help us understand Jack better. We were already pretty certain that he had autism and was gifted but decided to have Jack undergo testing so we could put a few more pieces […]

10 Awesome Gifts for Children with Special Needs + 5 More

Ten Awesome Toys for Kids with Special Needs - An Everyday Story

If you’ve been around here for a little while you will know that our little boy Jack (6.5 yrs) was born with Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Jack started intensive early intervention therapy when he was two-years old. He now has a string of therapists – physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, orthotist, psychologist – who are […]

Autism: It’s a colourful, vivid world in there

Raising Children with Autism - An Everyday Story

He hums a tune in his head. He’s miles away. ‘It’s a colourful, vivid world in there, isn’t it?’ My husband says to me. Autism. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now but each time I tried something stopped me.  Even now the words seem hard to find. I think I wanted to […]

Normalising Difference: Discussing Disabilities is not Taboo

‘Mummy that boy’s head moves a lot. Look. There he’s walking and his head is moving.’ ‘Shhh. We don’t say things like that.’ …’Oh, I’m so sorry.’ Please don’t ever apologise to us. Please don’t ever feel embarrassed by your child’s observation. Just like that tiny bug crawling across a leaf, or the plane leaving […]

Jack & Savannah

Isn’t she beautiful? This is Savannah, Jack’s Equine Assisted Therapy friend. She’s gentle and gives the sweetest nuzzles. Jack gets to spend time with Savannah once a fortnight. They go on nice long walks, walk over little hurdles and play games with balls and hoops. All the while strengthening Jack’s core and working on his […]

How Easily it Rolls off the Tongue

For me the conversation stopped dead. I am not sure if all of the others at the table noticed, but my husband and I sure did. We were at a bbq at an old friend’s house. There was a new couple there that we hadn’t met before. We were talking and laughing about the silly […]