10 Awesome Gifts for Children with Special Needs + 5 More

Ten Awesome Toys for Kids with Special Needs - An Everyday Story

If you’ve been around here for a little while you will know that our little boy Jack (6.5 yrs) was born with Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Jack started intensive early intervention therapy when he was two-years old. He now has a string of therapists – physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, orthotist, psychologist – who are […]

This Week… | A Photo Journal of Our Child-led Homeschool

Karate Grading - An Everyday Story

This week in our child-led homeschool… This week I really wanted to make an effort to get out in nature. I feel like we haven’t nearly spent enough time among the trees lately. This week we took a bushwalk. I still remember the days when Jack would tire after a hundred metres. It’s times like […]

Normalising Difference: Discussing Disabilities is not Taboo

‘Mummy that boy’s head moves a lot. Look. There he’s walking and his head is moving.’ ‘Shhh. We don’t say things like that.’ …’Oh, I’m so sorry.’ Please don’t ever apologise to us. Please don’t ever feel embarrassed by your child’s observation. Just like that tiny bug crawling across a leaf, or the plane leaving […]

Jack & Savannah

Isn’t she beautiful? This is Savannah, Jack’s Equine Assisted Therapy friend. She’s gentle and gives the sweetest nuzzles. Jack gets to spend time with Savannah once a fortnight. They go on nice long walks, walk over little hurdles and play games with balls and hoops. All the while strengthening Jack’s core and working on his […]

A Year

A whole year. I have been writing this little blog of mine for a year now. I do love this little space. A space for me to share a little of our lives with you all. This was my first post. Wonderfully it was about clay and the busy little hands of my then much […]

This Week…22/52

Window blocks - An Everyday Story

Firstly, I wanted to share these from last week… This week… A snapshot of our week, our everyday story ….. If you feel inspired to share a moment from your week please leave a comment with your link below or pop over to Instragram and use the hashtag #p52thisweek. I’m kate_aneverydaystory. Hope to see you […]