Getting Started with a Homeschool Project Group

Art Activities for Homeschool - Outdoor Art with Nature - An Everyday Story

contains affiliate links This week for homeschool project group, the kids spent the afternoon at the National Arboretum. We had prepared a scavenger hunt and brought along some art materials – plasticine, watercolour paints and oil pastels – for the kids to create and explore. We are in-between projects at the moment, so our hope […]

Our Weekly Schedule + Books & Resources for 2016

Art in a Reggio-inspired Homeschool - An Everyday Story

contains affiliate links I feel like we have gone through so many evolutions of our homeschool weekly schedule. We might be moving along happily for a little while but then we’ll start to grow in some area, or our interests will shift and our weekly rhythm just doesn’t seem to be working for us any […]

3 Fabulous Ways to Use Your Smartphone in Inquiry-based Learning

3 Fabulous Ways to Use Your Smartphone in Inquiry-based Learning from An Everyday Story

contains affiliate links “[T]he teacher’s role must be imagined in terms that are holistic and circular, not segmented and linear, Such a circularity – or better, spiraling – is seen in the revisiting that is a frequent component of the learning process.” ~ Carlina Rinaldi – Director, Reggio Emilia Inquiry-based learning is emergent learning; lessons aren’t planned in great […]

How to Effectively Use YouTube in Inquiry-based Homeschooling

Building Inquiry - Using Technology to Enhance Block Play - An Everyday Story

YouTube is an incredibly valuable resource; but finding the good stuff – and not getting sucked into a vortex of videos, can be tricky. As much as possible I try to give Jack (6 yrs) and Sarah (4 yrs) real life experiences; a trip to the creek to study tadpoles, a walk around the neighbourhood […]

The Zoo Inquiry: Getting Started with Inquiry-based Learning

“[It] evokes the idea of a dynamic process, a journey that involves the uncertainty and chance that always arises in relationships with others. Project work grows in many directions, with no predefined progression, no outcomes decided before the journey begins. It means being sensitive to the unpredictable results of children’s investigation and research. The course of a project can thus be short, medium or long, continuous or discontinuous, and is always open […]

Learning about Decomposition

Decomposing Activity - An Everyday Story

I mentioned last week that Jack and Sarah have been asking a lot about our rubbish lately. Even though we have had a compost bin for about three months now and they help to take out the scraps, Jack and Sarah have never really asked how it worked. Until recently. “Mummy, why do we compost?” […]