Experiment: How Deep Should You Plant a Seed to Get the Best Growth?

Seed Inquiry - Watching Seeds Grow in a Seed Viewer - An Everyday Story

This experiment comes from a great new book called The Curious Kid’s Science Book by Asia Citro. It’s a little different to a lot of other science books for kids that I have used. The experiments are very open-ended. There isn’t a lot of step-by-step instructions or explanations of scientific concepts – stick with me, that’s a good thing – […]

How to Make a Small Greenhouse From Recyclable Materials + Free Learning Materials

Well that was a long and rather unexpected break! We are having quite a few renovations done on our house (no more green rooms!!), and well, you know how renos go; everything takes a hundred times longer and is infinitely more disruptive to your day-to-day than you imagined. But the sheets have come off all […]