Homeschool & Autism: Learning to Spell

Learning Materials for Teaching Spelling - Homeschool and Autism - An Everyday Story

I don’t think I have told you all before, but a couple of years ago, we sought out the expertise of a psychologist to help us understand Jack better. We were already pretty certain that he had autism and was gifted but decided to have Jack undergo testing so we could put a few more pieces […]

Healthy Alphabet Cards Giveaway: You will love these!

Healthy Alphabet Flashcards from Teepee Learning - An Everyday Story

Well, haven’t I got something lovely to share with you tonight. If you’ve been around here for a little while you would have probably seen me using some beautiful alphabet cards in a lot of our work. The cards are from Teepee Learning and each one features a beautifully photographed fruit or vegetable; apples, bananas, […]

On the Shelves Snapshot: Practising Sight Words with Loose Parts

Sight Words Activities with Spielgaben - An Everyday Story

sponsored post This week’s On the Shelves Snapshot is another literacy activity for practising sight words. This activity uses our sight word cards, a blank piece of lined card for writing and some lines, curves and dots from our Spielgaben set. Here’s a picture on Instagram of Jack working with this activity. [Jack and Sarah use […]

Do You Know the Treehouse Books?

The Storey Treehouse Series - An Everyday Story

Have you seen the Treehouse Storey books? They are the most wonderfully silly series of books by Australian children’s author, Andy Griffiths and illustrator, Terry Denton.The series started with The 13 Storey Treehouse and since then the treehouse has grown to include The 26, 39 and 52 Storey Treehouse 🙂  If you haven’t seen these […]

On the Shelves: Literacy

Montessori Alphabet Activities with Sandpaper Letters - An Everyday Story

Last time I shared a few of the maths materials that we have out on our shelves at the moment. This time I am sharing some literacy ideas.In our homeschool room we have one small bookcase. This means that I can’t have too many materials out at any one time, which is a bit of […]

25+ Literacy Explorations

I’m slowly working through the photos in my This Week posts and collating all the photos into separate posts to make them easier to search. There’s so much in those posts; snippets of our homeschool days, but they kind of get lost in the archives.First up, literacy. In this post I’ve gathered together some ideas […]