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Art Activities in a Reggio Inspired Homeschool - Bead and Sequins Mobiles - An Everyday Story

Bead & Sequins Mobile

The afternoon sunshine streams beautifully through the door of our homeschool studio. And with the sun setting earlier these autumn days, we are often still in the studio to feel its warmth. A couple weeks ago I was flicking through the ZartArt catalogue (very dangerous!) looking for some paints and came […]

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Best Blocks for Open-ended Play - Creating a Block Area for Your Homeschool - An Everyday Story

What’s in the Block Area: Creating a Block Area for Open-ended Play

A couple weeks ago I shared a short video on Instagram of our block area. Our block area has changed a bit over the years to reflect Jack (6yrs) and Sarah’s (4 yrs) evolving interests and play. Tonight I thought I’d give you a bit of a closer look of how it […]

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Simple Provocations Engaging Explorations You Can Set Up in Minutes - An Everyday Story

Simple Provocations: Coloured Water

I thought I would start a new photo series with you called Simple Provocations. Most of the things Jack and Sarah do each day are really very simple play ideas; chalk and water, painting rocks, playing with loose parts in the sandpit, that sort of thing. I mentioned in a […]

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Something to Entice Them out of the Cold

After two days of rain, our backyard (which is now completely devoid of grass since we cleared it to make way for our new homeschool studio) has become a delightful mud bath for Jack and Sarah. The sun finally came out though and the kids were having the most wonderful time […]

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Loose Parts for Little Ones

Throughout our 30 Days to Transform Your Play series I got so many wonderful emails sharing different stories and asking questions. One question which popped up a lot was how to create opportunities for babies and toddlers to explore loose parts. Babies and young toddlers (those still at the mouthing […]

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Exploring Reggio - Making faces - An Everyday Story

Making Faces: Playdough Self Portraits

This post is part of the Exploring Reggio series with: The Imagination Tree | Learn with Play at Home | One Perfect Day | Twodaloo  …………………….. This week we are sharing some ideas for using a mirror to enhance your child’s play. We use mirrors a lot, everyday even. You’ve probably seen activities using mirrors around a fair […]

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