Something to Entice Them out of the Cold

After two days of rain, our backyard (which is now completely devoid of grass since we cleared it to make way for our new homeschool studio) has become a delightful mud bath for Jack and Sarah. The sun finally came out though and the kids were having the most wonderful¬†time in the mud that I […]

Temporary Art: Creating with Loose Parts

It’s nice to just sit and move things around, isn’t it? Play with loose parts, making different patterns; it’s very calming, hypnotic even. Sometimes it’s nice to put out some beautiful materials, along with a little subtle hint towards creating patterns. And then drawn in by the beautiful materials, the rhythmic motion of placing one […]

Exploring Rocks and Minerals

Sometimes it’s nice just to lay out beautiful natural materials for no other purpose than to just explore; to feel their texture, to be intrigued by their colour and their shape, to notice tiny details and wonder about their origins. Beautiful natural rocks and minerals; agate and quartz, amethyst and amber, and so many more […]

Playing with Colours: creating, sorting, exploring

For the last little while now, Sarah (23mths) has been really interested in colours. She comes to me proudly showing me a toy or a block or doll saying,’ Look Mummy, it’s green.’ On my Explorations for 2 Year Olds post for Playful Learning I showed you a couple of the colour activities I had […]

Reggio-inspired Materials: Mirrors

Using mirrors at home - Reggio inspired activities [An Everyday Story]

Reggio: Using Mirrors Recently I have been getting quite a few questions asking where I buy different materials. I love that you guys are so interested in incorporating more Reggio and Montessori inspired activities and principles at home. So what I thought I might do is add a few extra pages up the top with […]

Explorations for 2 Year Olds – Playful Learning

Explorations for 2 Years Olds – Playful Learning Today I’m sharing some of the explorations I have out for Sarah at the moment over on Playful Learning.¬†I’m going to be a regular contributor on Playful Learning. So I hope you will drop by often. And if you’ve just popped over for the first time, hi. […]