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Art Activities for Homeschool - Outdoor Art with Nature - An Everyday Story

Getting Started with a Homeschool Project Group

contains affiliate links This week for homeschool project group, the kids spent the afternoon at the National Arboretum. We had prepared a scavenger hunt and brought along some art materials – plasticine, watercolour paints and oil pastels – for the kids to create and explore. We are in-between projects at […]

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10 Fabulously Fun Things to Make with Nature this Christmas

Christmas just feels like a time for crafting, doesn’t it? It’s becoming a rather lovely family tradition of ours to spend that warm summer Christmas day, outside crafting. It’s such a lovely way to spend that slow time after lunch (if you’re not sleeping of course). I’ve been gathering ideas […]

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How to Make a Nature Shelf for your Homeschool Room - An Everyday Story

Curating Spaces: Transparency on the Nature Shelf

We live in a small house. When we bought our home, we did so knowing that we would eventually have to either extend or build a separate outdoor room for our homeschool room. At the beginning of this year, we started work on the homeschool studio (if you follow me […]

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Collaborating with Nature: Playful Learning

I’m over on Playful Learning today with some art Jack, Sarah and I have had a lot of fun making lately. Pop over and have a read. I’ve also included an Instagram hashtag so you can share your child’s (and yours…it’s fun, have a go!) creations. See you over there. […]

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A Homeschool Day

Earlier in the week I shared our weekly kindergarten homeschool rhythm. This post is a typical home day. …………. Kindergarten homeschool…a typical day? Hmm I was a little hesitant sharing a typical homeschooling day for us, mostly because I so strongly believe in each family following their own rhythm, listening […]

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This Week… 2013

2013 was… Snippets of our year. Our everyday story. I wonder what 2014 will bring…. I am looking forward to sharing 2014 with you all. I am so very humbled and grateful for all of you this past year. I really enjoy sharing little snippets of our days with you. […]

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