Bead & Sequins Mobile

Art Activities in a Reggio Inspired Homeschool - Bead and Sequins Mobiles - An Everyday Story

The afternoon sunshine streams beautifully through the door of our homeschool studio. And with the sun setting earlier these autumn days, we are often still in the studio to feel its warmth. A couple weeks ago I was flicking through the ZartArt catalogue (very dangerous!) looking for some paints and came across these wonderful mobiles (product […]

FAQ: “Where can I buy a light panel?”

Light Panel Activities - Painting with Liquid Watercolours (An Everyday Story)

Without a doubt, the most common question I am asked is, where can I buy a light panel? Tonight I thought I would do a bit of a search and find some online stockists for you. I bought our light panel from Modern Teaching Aids when Jack was two. We’ve had it for nearly five years […]

This Week…

This week… … and on Instagram (@kate_aneverydaystory) A few of my favourites from this week From next week I’m hoping to start a weekly photo post on Fridays called This Homeschool Week. I’m hoping to share some snippets of what Jack and Sarah have been working on over the week as well as some of […]

No Learning, Just Play

Daddy: “Did you do any learning today Buddy?” Jack: “No. No learning. Just played.” contains affiliate links Lately I’ve been feeling like our days have been becoming a little too me-directed. While I think the explorations and activities I was preparing were hands-on and engaging, they still came from my planning and my agenda. I […]

This Week… 2013

2013 was… Snippets of our year. Our everyday story. I wonder what 2014 will bring…. I am looking forward to sharing 2014 with you all. I am so very humbled and grateful for all of you this past year. I really enjoy sharing little snippets of our days with you. xx

This Week…

This week… Snippets of our days. Our everyday story Come find me on instagram. I’m @kate_aneverydaystory  {Project 52} This Week ……………………………. contains affiliate links Our window blocks are from Zart Art (Australia) or try the Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks Set on Amazon Interlocking blocks are from Nova Natural. We have the 92 piece set Magna-Tiles Clear Colours 100 Piece […]