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An Art Gallery for the Homeschool Studio

Hello!! How have you all been?? Things here have been well, more than a little up and down of late…. I feel like the clouds are starting to part though and our days returning to normal (albeit a slightly different normal than before). I don’t know about you, but for […]

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Sunflower Inquiry - An Everyday Story

Inviting Life Into Your Homeschool Room

contains affiliate links When you look around your homeschool area, what do you see? How do you feel? Do you see light and life? Bringing life into your learning area allows children to interact, care for and observe plants, flowers and living creatures. Adding life also adds natural textures, colours […]

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A Tour of Our Reggio Inspired Homeschool Room - An Everyday Story

A Tour of Our Reggio-inspired Homeschool Room

Today I wanted to give you a quick look around our homeschool room. Our homeschool room is a stand-alone outdoor studio in our backyard. My husband and I (with a little painting help from the kids) built it over the course of about a year and we moved in at the beginning of […]

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Best Blocks for Open-ended Play - Creating a Block Area for Your Homeschool - An Everyday Story

What’s in the Block Area: Creating a Block Area for Open-ended Play

A couple weeks ago I shared a short video on Instagram of our block area. Our block area has changed a bit over the years to reflect Jack (6yrs) and Sarah’s (4 yrs) evolving interests and play. Tonight I thought I’d give you a bit of a closer look of how it […]

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Art in a Reggio-inspired Homeschool - An Everyday Story

Our Weekly Schedule + Books & Resources for 2016

contains affiliate links I feel like we have gone through so many evolutions of our homeschool weekly schedule. We might be moving along happily for a little while but then we’ll start to grow in some area, or our interests will shift and our weekly rhythm just doesn’t seem to […]

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How to Make a Nature Shelf for your Homeschool Room - An Everyday Story

Curating Spaces: Transparency on the Nature Shelf

We live in a small house. When we bought our home, we did so knowing that we would eventually have to either extend or build a separate outdoor room for our homeschool room. At the beginning of this year, we started work on the homeschool studio (if you follow me […]

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