Growing Mushrooms is Seriously Awesome: Harvesting Mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms with Kids - Mushroom Inquiry - An Everyday Story

Today I think we took the last harvest of our oyster mushrooms. Growing mushrooms has been so incredibly fascinating. The kids and I were completely enamoured by the entire process. We watched as furry white lumps turned into tiny mushrooms, then grew and grew. It was incredible. Each day Jack and Sarah would check and […]

Growing Mushrooms and Studying Mycology

Mushroom Growing Kits for Kids - Mushroom Inquiry - How Do Mushrooms Grow - An Everyday Story

I never knew fungi were so fascinating. They aren’t really plants and they aren’t animals either, they are in a kingdom all of their own. We were at the farmers’ market recently and there was a new stallholder selling all kinds of interestingly shaped mushrooms. Usually we only see the regular old button mushrooms, so this […]

Getting Started with a Homeschool Project Group

Art Activities for Homeschool - Outdoor Art with Nature - An Everyday Story

contains affiliate links This week for homeschool project group, the kids spent the afternoon at the National Arboretum. We had prepared a scavenger hunt and brought along some art materials – plasticine, watercolour paints and oil pastels – for the kids to create and explore. We are in-between projects at the moment, so our hope […]

The Wild Pollinator Count: Learning about pollinators in our backyard

Backyard and Homeschool Science: Learning About Pollination - An Everyday Story

contains affiliate links For Project Group this week, we all took part in the Wild Pollinator Count. The Wild Pollinator Count is a civic science project. Here’s a quick explanation from their website: “The Wild Pollinator Count gives you an opportunity to contribute to wild insect pollinator conservation in Australia. We invite you to count wild pollinators […]

10 Awesome Electronics Kits for Kids

Best Electronics Kits for Children - An Everyday Story

Electronics kits are so awesome. A few years ago we walked into an electronics store for something completely unrelated and I stumbled upon a kids electronics kit. Electronics is not my strong point – my husband (who is quite the science geek) was actually quite amused that I knew so little about electronics – and so when Jack […]

From Seed to Plant: How do plants grow?

Seed Inquiry - Raising Seedlings - An Everyday Story

On Sunday nights I used to share a bunch of photos from our week. I really liked sharing our week that way but because there were often so many photos on a lot of different topics all in one post,  it makes them hard to search and they kind of get lost in my archives. […]