Simple Provocation: Watercolours & Drawing Materials

Kids Art Activities with Watercolours - An Everyday Story

Today’s Simple Provocation is pretty simple 🙂 I saw recently an art teacher who had offered her students oil pastels, watercolours and fine-tip permanent markers; the effect was really nice. The oil pastels added some lovely texture and the watercolour wash seemed to really tie the piece together. I thought we’d give it a go. […]

Simple Provocation: Large Paper

Simple Provocations with Dabbers - An Everyday Story

SIMPLE PROVOCATION Bingo dabbers and a paper-covered table The kids dove into this provocation before I could take a picture. 🙂 Covering the table with paper really gives children the freedom to create on a much larger scale. This paper is Creativ brand easel paper from K-mart (just a couple of dollars for 5m). The dabbers are […]

Simple Provocations: Adding Interest to the Easel

Adding New Materials to the Painting Easel - An Everyday Story

I’ve been thinking about different ways Jack (5.5 yrs) and Sarah (3.5yrs) could use the easel. For this provocation I simply clipped some plastic mesh to the easel. I thought it was interestingly textured and would create some nice patterns. I put out the paper, clipped on the mesh, added paint pots (red, blue, and white) […]

Simple Provocations: Coloured Water

Simple Provocations Engaging Explorations You Can Set Up in Minutes - An Everyday Story

I thought I would start a new photo series with you called Simple Provocations. Most of the things Jack and Sarah do each day are really very simple play ideas; chalk and water, painting rocks, playing with loose parts in the sandpit, that sort of thing. I mentioned in a post about my day, some […]