Exploring Shapes and Patterns with Stop Motion

Explore Shapes and Patterns with Stop Motion Video and Spielgaben - An Everyday Story

sponsored post Have you ever tried making a stop motion video with your kids? It’s crazy fun and Jack is just bonkers mad for them at the moment. A couple of weeks ago, after a lot of consideration (probably too much), I decided to buy an iPad. I just wanted to be really sure that an iPad […]

On the Shelves Snapshot: Practising Sight Words with Loose Parts

Sight Words Activities with Spielgaben - An Everyday Story

sponsored post This week’s On the Shelves Snapshot is another literacy activity for practising sight words. This activity uses our sight word cards, a blank piece of lined card for writing and some lines, curves and dots from our Spielgaben set. Here’s a picture on Instagram of Jack working with this activity. [Jack and Sarah use […]

On the Shelves Snapshot: Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Activities - An Everyday Story

Tonight I thought I would share two explorations that we have on the shelves at the moment. Sarah has developed an interest in Ancient Egypt. I think it started with a show we watched on the Great Pyramids. These are very simple explorations. I like to start simply and let Jack and Sarah’s questions decide which […]

25+ Literacy Explorations

I’m slowly working through the photos in my This Week posts and collating all the photos into separate posts to make them easier to search. There’s so much in those posts; snippets of our homeschool days, but they kind of get lost in the archives.First up, literacy. In this post I’ve gathered together some ideas […]

This Week: A Photo Journal of our Child-led Homeschool

Pattern Activities with Kinetic Sand - An Everyday Story

This week in our child-led homeschool… So how has your week been? Any little ones head off to school for the first time this week? Who’s back to the classroom soon? Anyone starting homeschooling for the first time this year? This week we didn’t spend much time at home. Between therapy appointments, catching up with […]

This Week… | A Photo Journal of a Child-led Homeschool

Spielgaben STEM Activities - An Everyday Story

contains affiliate/sponsored links This week in our child-led homeschool… You probably noticed last week that I have started to include Australian Curriculum links. I really wanted to show you how you can meet curriculum outcomes (whether you are in Australia or elsewhere) without using bookwork or worksheets. It’s also not necessary (unless you are required to […]