Top 10 Blocks for Play-based Learning

Top 10 Blocks for Kids - An Everyday Story

contains affiliate/sponsored links Blocks are the epitome of open-ended materials. They allow a child to design, invent and create. Blocks encourage a child to think creatively, problem solve, test and hypothesise. Children can explore concepts of balance, stability and design as they construct. Blocks are also aesthetically beautiful. So, here’s my top ten blocks for open-ended, creative play. What […]

Math Materials for Discovery-based Learning

Math Materials for Inquiry Based Learning - An Everyday Story

Base Ten Set | EasyRead Clock  (here for Aust stockist) | Scales | Wooden Abacus | Magnetic Shapes | Wooden Geometric Solids | Dice | Montessori Large Wooden Number Cards (here for Aust stockist) | Montessori Sandpaper Numbers  (here for Aust stockist) | Calculator | Transparent Geometric Solids | Tape Measure | Tangram Puzzle | Magnetic Easel | Geometry Set click the […]

How to Make Rainbow Blocks

How to make rainbow blocks - An Everyday Story

contains affiliate/sponsored links  This idea came from 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids: The Very Best and Easiest Playtime Activities from! ….. The Christmas crafting has begun. I can not tell you how in love I am with these rainbow blocks! The colours are amazing, aren’t they? And they couldn’t be easier to make. It only […]

On the Shelves

An Everyday Story

contains affiliate links The urge came upon me; time to rotate the toys. Maybe it’s Spring, maybe it’s the warmer air or the brighter days, but I was getting the feeling that our playroom needed a little reinvigorating. Jack and Sarah are  a pretty good indicator too. If materials are being left, untouched for days […]

Review: Spielgaben – Is it worth the money?

Spielgaben Review from An Everyday Story

Spielgaben. From the very first moment I saw it I wanted a set for our homeschool. But the months passed by and everytime I read a review post I poured over the beautiful photos and again wanted a set…but still I didn’t buy one…. I just couldn’t seem to part with the money. As a […]

Inside the Art Cupboard

The atelier had to be a place for researching motivations and theories of children from scribbles on up, a place for exploring variations in tools, techniques, and materials with which to work…a place for becoming familiar with similarities and differences of verbal and non-verbal languages. ~ Loris Malaguzzi For my first post back I thought […]