Easy DIY Geoboards for Kids

DIY Geoboard Activity - An Everyday Story

DIY Geoboard Activity - An Everyday StoryA few days ago I posted this picture of a simple geoboard I put together for Jack (4.5yrs) and Sarah (2.5yrs) on Facebook. Jack and Sarah are loving their little geoboards so much that I thought I would pop a little post here too.

This is just one of those daggy old cork pot holders, some pushpins and some rubber bands. We have a translucent geoboard which Jack and Sarah like using on the light panel, but I think with this cork one, they really like being able to create their own designs with the pins first.

Simple Geoboard for Kids - An Everyday Story DIY Geoboard for Kids - An Everyday StorySo easy, much easier than making one with nails. You could also use an old pinboard (ha! fancy that) that you’ve probably got around the place somewhere.

Jack’s been enjoying making all kinds of wonderful designs, while Sarah has been working really hard on stretching the rubber bands over the pins.

A lovely Facebook reader sent me a message and some photos of the elaborate designs her 8,6 and 3 year olds made on their geoboards. If you make one, snap a picture and post it on Facebook, I’d love to see it.

Lots of fun for everyone.


*the pins are of course sharp. I am happy for Sarah to use them, under supervision. Please use your own discretion. 

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  1. Just tried it with my two year old. It was great! She actually found it quite challenging – probably because all I had were random hair ties of different sizes – but she really persisted which was lovely to see. She kept finding letters and shapes in her creations – and insisted we add bobby pins to the mix (goes with the hair ties, right?) We’ll be doing this one again.

    1. Well yes bobby-pins make perfect sense 🙂 My two are still loving theirs too. I keep it up on the shelf because of the pins but Jack and Sarah have asked for it everyday. Sarah finds the stretching a little difficult too but I love to watch her persevere.

  2. brilliant idea!!!

  3. Love this–so simple. Will be re-purposing a sad old bulletin board tomorrow!

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