30 Days to Transform Your Play

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30 Days to Transform Your Play

– Tapping into Your Child’s Interests to Create More Meaningful Play –

“I have been really taken with your series, inspiring, practical, simple, meaningful, you have encapsulated much of what I have been trying to do.”

“I really want to take a moment to thank you for the 30 day transform your play series.  it was — without exaggeration — the best series I have read.  the content was outstanding; the material was organized impeccably; and the presentation was gorgeous.  you should be so proud.  and I thank you so very much.”

How to create Reggio Emilia inspired play and environments at home - Take the 30 Days to Transform Your Play challenge from An Everyday StoryThis is a series about creating play experiences and play spaces which appeal to the interests of your child along with connecting experiences so your child can further their interests and deepen their play.

DAY 1 | Series introduction

DAY 2 | Cull Toys

DAY 3 | Improving a Play Space

DAY 4 | Identifying an Interest

DAY 5/6 | Weekend break

DAY 7 | Exploring Playdough

DAY 8 | Rethinking Art for Children

DAY 9 | Constructing

DAY 10 | Selecting Materials

DAY 11 | Exploring Clay

DAY 12/13 | Weekend break

DAY 14 | Want Nothing Time

DAY 15 | Paint 

DAY 16 | Real Tools

DAY 17 | Exploring Light

DAY 18 | Using Books to Enhance Materials

DAY 19 & 20 | Weekend Break

DAY 21 | Observational Drawing

DAY 22 | Incorporating Mirrors

DAY 23 |  Keeping an Ideas Books

DAY 24 | Improving a Sand Pit

DAY 25 | 10 Things to Love about Loose Parts

DAY 26 & 27 | Weekend Break

DAY 28 | Pretend Play

DAY 29 | Connecting with the Natural World

DAY 30 |  Series End

Rachel Carson Quote - Rediscovering Nature (An Everyday Story)

Day 29 | Connecting with the Natural World


Throughout the series you will be working with a number of different materials. As you prepare for each week, make a list of materials you will need and allow time in your schedule to complete each of the tasks.

Here also is a list of books which I own and recommend.

Chalkboard Blocks in the Sand Pit {An Everyday Story}

Day 24 | Improving a Sand Pit

Take your time as you move through the series, you don’t have to complete a new task each day. My hope is that, as you work through the series, you will begin to see your child’s play in a new and different way and that this new perspective empowers you to create meaningful play opportunities for your children.

Thank you for following along and if you enjoy the series, please share it among your friends 🙂




16 Replies to “30 Days to Transform Your Play”

  1. Please please please tell me you will keep this series on your blog for future reference? I am 32 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and still working, but I can’t wait to just. STOP. and then get stuck into this! Our house, and my 3.5yo, really needs it!! 🙂
    ps: I just saw your post about tinkering away with an old CD player from the tip shop. I need to investigate whether we have one in our area (Geelong, I don’t think we do) because myself (Science teacher/editor), husband (electronics engineer) would love this just as much as our beautiful boy!!

    1. Yes of course Kirstie 🙂 🙂 I hope you are taking it easy now. Those last few weeks are really draining, aren’t they? Soon you’ll have your little one 🙂 For the electronics you could try Freecycle. There should be a Freecycle in Geelong. Or maybe some friends or family might have some old electronics that they don’t need anymore. You could also try op-shops. Jack LOVES his little basket of electronics to tinker with. Sometimes he’ll invent new machines other times he’ll just play with the parts, looking at them very closely, trying to figure it all out 🙂 It’s so much fun for him.

      1. Thanks Kate! I still can’t quite believe we’ll have a newborn in the house again soon, it’s very exciting/scary!! I will have a look into Freecycle, but during one of our small “clean outs” my husband found an old broken DVR that he was going to take to the tip. I showed him your blog and that weekend he and my son “made an experiment”! They had a ball!! Thanks again 🙂

  2. I stumbled apon this series through Pinterest last week & started day one on Friday!! Thank you for such a wonderful series am really excited about working our way through all the days. Am planning to do one blog post about it all when we are finished so will come back to share the link then 🙂 thanks again!!!!

  3. Veronika hortt says: Reply

    Just found this from a link on Merri Cherry and I’m so excited to get started. Thank you so much for sharing this series.

    1. You are welcome 🙂 I hope you enjoy the series.

  4. I can’t fully express how thankful and happy I am to find your blog!! We just embarked on homeschool for the first time (for my 5.5 year old daughter) and I have longed for a Reggio inspired way of doing school with her but wasn’t sure how to get my mind around it. I want play and self-directed learning to be the focus. Hooray! Thank you again. I will be diligently checking-in here.

  5. I have a 4 years old gifted son. He started to read when he was 2.5, he rarely play with his toys and it makes me worry. I am looking to some ways to help him to develop other parts of his abitilies. I made a art place for him but he is not interested. Found this web site and hope these instruction help me to find what my son loves to do.

  6. What is the playdough you use

  7. music made by kitchen items could be added.

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