30 Days to Transform Your Play

An Everyday Story

30 Days to Transform Your Play

– Tapping into Your Child’s Interests to Create More Meaningful Play –

“I have been really taken with your series, inspiring, practical, simple, meaningful, you have encapsulated much of what I have been trying to do.”

“I really want to take a moment to thank you for the 30 day transform your play series.  it was — without exaggeration — the best series I have read.  the content was outstanding; the material was organized impeccably; and the presentation was gorgeous.  you should be so proud.  and I thank you so very much.”

How to create Reggio Emilia inspired play and environments at home - Take the 30 Days to Transform Your Play challenge from An Everyday StoryThis is a series about creating play experiences and play spaces which appeal to the interests of your child along with connecting experiences so your child can further their interests and deepen their play.

DAY 1 | Series introduction

DAY 2 | Cull Toys

DAY 3 | Improving a Play Space

DAY 4 | Identifying an Interest

DAY 5/6 | Weekend break

DAY 7 | Exploring Playdough

DAY 8 | Rethinking Art for Children

DAY 9 | Constructing

DAY 10 | Selecting Materials

DAY 11 | Exploring Clay

DAY 12/13 | Weekend break

DAY 14 | Want Nothing Time

DAY 15 | Paint 

DAY 16 | Real Tools

DAY 17 | Exploring Light

DAY 18 | Using Books to Enhance Materials

DAY 19 & 20 | Weekend Break

DAY 21 | Observational Drawing

DAY 22 | Incorporating Mirrors

DAY 23 |  Keeping an Ideas Books

DAY 24 | Improving a Sand Pit

DAY 25 | 10 Things to Love about Loose Parts

DAY 26 & 27 | Weekend Break

DAY 28 | Pretend Play

DAY 29 | Connecting with the Natural World

DAY 30 |  Series End

Rachel Carson Quote - Rediscovering Nature (An Everyday Story)

Day 29 | Connecting with the Natural World


Throughout the series you will be working with a number of different materials. As you prepare for each week, make a list of materials you will need and allow time in your schedule to complete each of the tasks.

Here also is a list of books which I own and recommend.

Chalkboard Blocks in the Sand Pit {An Everyday Story}

Day 24 | Improving a Sand Pit

Take your time as you move through the series, you don’t have to complete a new task each day. My hope is that, as you work through the series, you will begin to see your child’s play in a new and different way and that this new perspective empowers you to create meaningful play opportunities for your children.

Thank you for following along and if you enjoy the series, please share it among your friends 🙂




Transform your approach to play in just 30 days.

Tap into your child's interests to create meaningful play & learning experiences.