How to Effectively Use YouTube in Inquiry-based Homeschooling

YouTube is an incredibly valuable resource; but finding the good stuff – and not getting sucked into a vortex of videos, can be tricky. As much as possible I try to give Jack (6 yrs) and Sarah (4 yrs) real … Continue reading 

The Zoo Inquiry: Getting Started with Inquiry-based Learning

“[It] evokes the idea of a dynamic process, a journey that involves the uncertainty and chance that always arises in relationships with others. Project work grows in many directions, with no predefined progression, no outcomes decided before the journey begins. It means being sensitive to the unpredictable results of children’s investigation and research. … Continue reading 

Why Does the Sun Move?

It started with her building a colourful zoo. She’s been building little zoos for a while now with blocks and playsilks. I’ve been taking photos and documenting her learning and had thought these photos would be part of that but…this exploration … Continue reading 

Simple Provocation: Watercolours & Drawing Materials

Today’s Simple Provocation is pretty simple I saw recently an art teacher who had offered her students oil pastels, watercolours and fine-tip permanent markers; the effect was really nice. The oil pastels added some lovely texture and the watercolour wash … Continue reading 

Exploring Colour and Texture with Watercolours

Lately I’ve been thinking about ways to encourage Jack (6yrs) and Sarah (4yrs) to explore watercolours a little differently. Watercolours – both palette style and liquid watercolours – are definitely the kids’ go-to art activity. I really like watercolours too … Continue reading