What Does a Reggio-inspired Project Look Like?

What does a Reggio Inspired Project Really Look Like An Everyday Story What Does a Reggio inspired Project Look Like?If you’ve got 20 minutes, this video is definitely worth a watch. If you’re wondering what a Reggio-inspired project looks like; how it evolves, how the teachers and children collaborate and the kinds of dialogues which take place between the teachers and children (and among the children), then this video will give you a lot of ideas.

It follows the kindergarten class at the College School as they design a new installation piece for the school’s entry way. The video shows how the project unfolds. The children don’t just create the piece but rather are involved in the entire collaborative process.

I particularly liked how the children were encouraged to think about the design process by studying other sculptures and installation pieces in a museum. I also really liked how the teachers connected the children to the materials; helping them to form a relationship with the materials and an appreciation of where the materials originated.

The project also authentically integrated science, maths and language arts as the children used many different forms of expression to develop their ideas – Keep an eye out for the wire words!

I hope you enjoy it.